Digital manufacturing

Digitising manufacturing

Digitisation is not a goal but a means to an end. And that’s where reality bites. Many companies have no specific results in mind. Would you like to halve your lead times, reduce the amount of manual work or receive real-time data? Everything is possible, but every goal requires a different approach. Contact us, so we can jointly determine the goals and the road ahead.

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Digital manufacturing data shopfloor

Revealing statistics

Digitising the production process unlocks data from the shop floor. Results of targeted unlocking of data:

  • Shorter production turnaround times (by 30%) 
  • Higher quality (by 15%)
  • Faster time-to-market (by 15%)
  • Lower costs (by 10%)

But how do you select the digitisation projects to provide the best overall results? How do you see the forest for the trees in the jungle of technology? Sirris offers coaching from conception to completion. 

Cobot lab

Digital, the solution to multiple challenges

Intending to produce smaller series of personalised products in the near future? Have you noticed that increases in complexity of production leads to quality issues, longer lead times or stress on the shop floor? We are here to help you draw up a digital roadmap, as well as identify and test useful digital technologies. Your challenges are the starting point! 


Make sure your digital production environment is secure.

Deploy your employees based on their strengths to increase employee satisfaction.

Digitisation and increased productivity go hand in hand. View the options.

Get ready for Industry 4.0 with connected manufacturing. You’ll know exactly what happens in production, for which reason, and how to improve it.

Eliminate guesswork and flawed human observations in your manufacturing processes with sensing solutions and automated quality assessment.

Bart Verlinden

Going digital with your production?

Bart Verlinden, our Program Manager Smart and Digital Factory, will be your guide.

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