Why and how to become a member

Sirris is open to all Belgian companies with an appetite for technological innovation, but only our members get the full package and substantial discounts. Join us to accelerate your next innovation project.

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Membership requirements

Before we go into the details, chances are that you’re already a Sirris member. That’s right, because of the De Groote Decree (1947), all Belgian companies that fall under the joint committees of the metal industry (JC 111 for workers and JC 209 for employees) AND that have 10 or more head-count in total have to join Sirris as statutory members. Herewith a link to the Sirris Statutes and the De Groote Decree.

However, should this not be the case, you can still become a Sirris member on a voluntary basis. Only requirements for membership:

  • your company or site is based in Belgium;
  • your company is active in the broad technology sector or adjacent sectors.

Simulation calculation membership fee Siris (rates 2024)

(*) Head count = the sum of blue-collar workers and white-collar workers on payroll on 31/12/2023

The above 2024 contribution calculation is subject to validation of the number of employees in service on 31/12/2023.

Drawn up prior to the final calculation or invoice with the aim of obtaining:
Smarter together

Membership benefits

  • 15% discount on all individual Sirris services;

Eager to get access to all the membership benefits?