Connected manufacturing

Connected manufacturing

Connecting your machines allows you to know what’s happening in real-time, for what reason and how to improve your production with targeted actions. The complexity of this task can seem, however, overwhelming, while the value isn’t always crystal clear. If that’s the case, we help you to connect your production system and leverage qualitative data to increase transparency and productivity – all tailored to your goals and business.

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Connected manufacturing

Connectivity as the key to productivity growth

To remain competitive, companies need to digitise. The possibilities of various Industry 4.0 applications are enormous: 

  • Dashboards create transparency on the production floor.
  •  Feedback of production data to ERP allows planning to be aligned with the current production status.
  • Data are available for optimising processes or maintenance.
  •  Feedback of data and insights provides targeted operator support.

Starting from your digital goals, we help you to connect your production floor, so you get access to relevant (real-time) production data.

Connected manufacturing

A promising strategy for every manufacturing company

Contrary to what you might expect, you don't need to have high-tech machines to get started with connectivity and digitisation. The democratisation of technology makes it feasible for SMEs with heterogeneous production systems as well (e.g. a mix of old and new machines). Moreover, a digital mindset is just as important as technology. But as you don't change a corporate culture overnight, we involve all stakeholders. This way, the first steps already deliver added value.

Prepping for connected machines

With a varied service offering and feasible steps, we keep your connectivity and digitisation project manageable. The goal: generating meaningful impact.

Roadmap for digitalisation

Based on our experience in production management, we help you identify challenges, objectives, applications, approaches and priorities. That way, you get the most added value out of digitalisation.

Outlining the architecture of your connectivity solution

Rely on our expertise to set up a solid architecture. Together, we’ll select the right building blocks for your application: machine, edge, cloud, integration of existing systems, and much more.

Creating a proof-of-concept

Experience the potential of connected manufacturing first-hand by connecting machines, visualising the right data in dashboards, and exploring different data-driven applications. This allows you to assess the added value in a cost-effective way.  

Connectivity standards and generic data models

We ensure you establish open end-to-end connectivity via available standards. This will significantly reduce your integration effort and lets you obtain a qualitative dataset that can be used for data-driven applications.

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