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Explore Agrifood 4.0 in our participatory workshops

In a world where technology is evolving at a frenetic pace, the agrifood industry is not staying put. Sirris, an innovation driver, is launching a series of participatory workshops within the “Industry of the Future” project FM4.0. These workshops, focused on the avant-garde themes of cobotics, augmented reality, the Internet of things (IoT) and industrial vision, are designed to equip your company with tomorrow’s tools and to anchor innovation firmly at the heart of your activities.

This invitation, supported by Digital Wallonia, SPW (Wallonia public service, Economy Employment Research), as well as the Wallonia relaunch plan, is not limited to agrifood, but extends to various areas of activity, illustrating the universality of its application. By taking part in these workshops, you are doing much more than following a trend, you are actively participating in the redefinition of industrial standards thanks to technology.

Four technology revolutions serving industry

  • Cobotics, interaction between humans and robots

Imagine an environment where collaborative robots (cobots) work together with your teams. Increase the efficiency and safety of your production lines and explore new flexibility paths. There will be interactive demonstrations for you to explore this emerging world.

  • Augmented reality, see beyond the actual

Discover how this technology can transform your processes, from training to maintenance, and quality control. You will be presented with applications specific to the agrifood industry to stimulate your innovation.

  • The Internet of things (IoT), operational efficiency

The IoT opens up many possibilities for optimising your processes. From stock management to the guarantee of quality, transparency has never been so accessible. Come and explore how intelligent sensors can revolutionise the everyday.

  • Industrial vision, an eye on quality

See how industrial vision, especially hyperspectral imaging, can be an advantage for the quality of your products. Learn how to detect faults and optimise production processes using the latest technology.

As well as the awareness of Industry 4.0 technologies, these workshops provide a unique networking space. Companies taking part can discuss with experts, share ideas and discover innovation opportunities specific to their field. It is a chance to prepare companies for the future, by giving them the tools and knowledge required to prosper in an increasingly digitised environment.

Practical information

Our workshops, planned for 2 to 3 times by end June (dates to be confirmed), are free and last one half-day. Individual meetings with a demonstration are also possible at our Seraing site and are suited your work schedule, lasting 1 to 2 hours. We invite you to contact us to discuss the subjects that interest you.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to put your company at the forefront of the digital revolution. Together, we can advance towards a future where technology and agrifood combine to create new outlooks with growth and innovation.

The participatory workshops on the themes of cobotics, augmented reality, IoT and industrial vision are organised as part of the future project, “Food Manufacturing 4.0: The digital transformation of agrifood companies: Awareness of Industry 4.0 technologies”. The members of the project consortium are Wagralim, Technifutur and Fevia.

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