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With 1,300 innovation projects a year, Sirris is the trusted reference for the successful technology adoption in companies. To achieve this, a sophisticated portfolio of services is entirely at the service of the companies. The services are structured according to three main groups: innovation, optimisation and management.

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You want to innovate!

As a company, you want to prepare your future by effectively applying technological innovations to your products, services, processes or production. You want to make sure your innovation decisions are backed. You want to thoroughly think through, research and develop your own technological ambitions. Or you want to put your innovative ideas into practice. If all or some of the above apply, Sirris is the place to be! 

You want to innovate!

You want to optimise!

You have questions about the performance of a product or service. You want to increase your own internal technological competences. You wonder whether you are still up to the mark when it comes to technical norms and standards. In short, you want to improve and optimise your organisation! Sirris is the ideal partner to do this efficiently and effectively. 

You want to optimise!

You want to manage your innovations!

You want to test your new ideas against the current state of technology. You want to know the long-term prospects of relevant technological evolutions and roadmaps that matter to you. You want to support your portfolio with adequate technology choices. Sirris is the ideal partner to help you choose, protect and manage your technological knowledge and innovations in all objectivity.

You want to manage your innovations!

150 qualified multidisciplinary experts with proven industry experience

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A leading local, national and international partner network, the most extensive of its kind in our country

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An extensive range of in-house industrial labs, in-house workshops and new advanced technology at 8 sites across the country

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In-depth knowledge and experience in setting up and financing innovation projects 

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Van en voor de technologische industrie

By and for the industry

Our unique position as a not-for-profit technological innovation centre, by and for the industry, guarantees a neutral point of view. The result? We always put the interests of the companies that reach out to us first!


A technological challenge in mind ?

Whether you want to know more about a certain expertise, haven’t found what you’re looking for, or already have something in mind, our experts will put you on the right track.