Cybersecurity in manufacturing

Cybersecurity is as indispensable to manufacturing companies as seat belts are in a car. After all, the number of cyberattacks in the industry is increasing rapidly. Large companies are the main victims, but the consequences are greater for SMEs, which are generally less protected. Sooner or later cybercriminals will come knocking on your digital door. Are you prepared?

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Cyber attack

Cyber resilience more relevant than ever

More and more companies are investing in operational technologies (OT), connectivity and cloud-based data solutions to improve their manufacturing processes. This trend towards an industrial Internet of Things creates many opportunities, but also increases the risks and the importance of cybersecurity. Just one attack can have a major impact, from system downtime to lasting reputational damage. Only a tailor-made strategy can offer peace of mind. 


Recent figures emphasize the urgency

Cybersecurity should be high on every manufacturing company’s agenda. But these figures paint a different picture:

  • 50% of companies fear becoming a victim of a cyberattack in the next year
  • 58% of large industrial players experienced a security breach on their OT system in 2021
  • 93% of companies admit that their cybersecurity strategy is inadequate
  • 61% say that outdated OT systems are a challenge in reducing cyber risks
  • 38% lack the internal expertise to detect an attack
  • 25% of Belgian companies have a contingency plan that covers both IT and OT environments

An arsenal of capabilities for your cybersecurity

Risk analysis & strategic insights

Not every company has the resources to carry out an extensive cybersecurity check-up. Sirris can help you verify your infrastructure to detect possible threats and provide you with advanced solutions and best practices to boost your cyber resilience. From your network architecture and monitoring approach to your remote connectivity, maintenance and authentication procedures, staff awareness and more: our experts put every aspect of industrial cybersecurity under the microscope. 

Deep technical expertise

From your supply chain to remote maintenance and access control: information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) are two sides of the same coin when it comes to Industry 4.0. Consequently, you need know-how in both domains to achieve cyber resilience. At Sirris, you can leverage our unique, diverse and deep technical expertise in both IT and OT security. And as a technology-neutral player, we can easily connect your company with the right cybersecurity providers to solve your specific case.  

Steps to Cybersecurity

Embrace Industry 4.0 safely

Are you one of the thousands of companies already engaged in Industry 4.0? Make sure your manufacturing environment isn’t up for the grabs.

Follow our 7 steps to becoming cybersecure

How Sirris can help

Preliminary advice

Do you have questions about technologies, IT architecture, risk analysis, security planning or a specific cyber threat, such as phishing, malware, ransomware or denial-of-service attacks? Our experts will be happy to get you started with straightforward advice.

Intensive guidance

Following an intake meeting, we'll look at your infrastructure together and hone all the functions of cybersecurity, from identification and protection to detection and recovery. In addition, we provide tips on financing, and you get access to Sirris’s broad network of manufacturing firms, academia and cybersecurity providers. This unique blend of expertise allows you to find the right solutions faster and tackle your challenges more precisely.

Cybersecurity masterclass

In our collective training session, we highlight typical pain points and proven defense techniques for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. You will learn how to optimally protect your connected work environment, data exchange and interactions. If you wish, this masterclass can also take place at your company site.

Want to make your cybersecurity watertight together?

Tatiana Galibus, our cybersecurity ambassador, shows you the way.