A. Conditions of use and legal notice

These conditions of use apply to the website www.sirris.be (“the website”). May we ask you to examine them carefully before visiting the website. The use of the website implies that you agree to the conditions of use and the privacy statement of Sirris (“Sirris”). If, however, you are unable to agree to these conditions of use or to the privacy statement of Sirris (see below), we ask you not to use the website.

Sirris further reserves the right to change the conditions of use and/or the privacy statement at any time. The amended conditions of use and/or privacy statement will be published on the website. They will automatically come into force 14 days after the date of their publication on the website. This date will be mentioned below the conditions of use and/or the document relating to the privacy statement. Until that date, the previous conditions of use and/or the previous privacy statement document remain in force and may be consulted on the website.

Legal information

This website is managed by Sirris (registered office), 80, Bld Reyers, 1030 Brussels, phone +32 2 706 79 44, info@sirris.be, corporate number 0406 606 380.

Intellectual property rights

The user acknowledges that the Sirris website contains texts, drawings, photographs, films, pictures, data, databases, software, brands, logos, corporate names, commercial and domain names and other items protected by intellectual property rights belonging to Sirris or to third parties.

Sirris authorises you to consult and download the information proposed on the website or through the latter for personal use. It is forbidden to record (except to the extent that it is necessary to be able to consult or download the information concerned with a view to personal use), reproduce, modify, publish, distribute or send, sell or transfer in any way to third parties information proposed on the website or through the latter, or grant any rights whatsoever to such information without the prior permission of Sirris in writing. We also allow sharing on LinkedIn, for example, the sharing of information, the use of which is permitted.

Internet Communication Platform

The website is an Internet Communication Platform offering the use of interaction possibilities. Sirris provides no guarantee concerning the information provided and may not therefore be held liable for damage resulting from the use of data exchanged and communicated by users or third parties by means of the website.

As a user of the website, you undertake to send exclusively pertinent information and messages on the website and you declare that you have all the necessary rights to place such content without infringing third-party rights. In this respect, you shall comply with the general principles of Netiquette (namely, all the rules of behaviour regarding proper Internet use). Sirris reserves the right, at any time and unilaterally, whether to place or not to place all or part of information or data provided by users on the website, to refuse them or delete them wholly or partly without notice or modification. The user acknowledges that the information sent becomes public, in such a way that Sirris may make the data concerned available on the website so that others may consult them, without the user being informed of this.

Unauthorised use of the website

You undertake in particular:

  1. not to unlawfully use the information to which you have access through the website;
  2. not to use the website in any way that might damage it, transform it or interrupt or terminate access to the website;
  3. not to use the website to send viruses or to transmit or send libellous, obscene, discriminating or threatening material;
  4. not to use the website to commit an infringement of the rights of a natural person or a legal entity or an association.


Sirris takes all reasonable precautions so that information placed on the website is as accurate as possible. Errors and mistakes may, however, occur. Sirris proposes the website “as is”, with no guarantee regarding the information proposed on it. The user may not suppose that the information presented is always correct. If you wish to obtain certainties, please get directly in touch with Sirris.

The information presented on the website is changed periodically. Sirris reserves the right to make corrections and/or changes to the website at any time.

The advice given directly or indirectly on the website is given without any form of guarantee and Sirris shall in no event be held liable. You must always consult an expert on the subject to obtain additional information concerning a pertinent opinion in your situation.

Consequently, Sirris is not responsible for the accuracy or omissions of data presented on the website. This is the case for information provided by Sirris itself and for information communicated by users or third parties. Any damage resulting from the use of incorrect data or omissions on the website does not give rise to any right to compensation, in any way whatsoever. Sirris may not be held liable, to users or third parties, for any direct or indirect damage, material or non-material incidents, loss of earnings or losses arising from the use or the interpretation of information communicated on the website or through the intermediary of the website.

The most recent technology is used for the technical production of the website. Sirris may not, however, be held liable for any (temporary) breakdown or malfunction of the system.

You understand and you accept that you use the website and the information and/or data obtained by the use of the website at your own risks and you alone will be responsible for any damage caused to your computer system or data losses resulting from the downloading of data.

Proof and applicable law

Belgian law applies to the website and to the conditions of use. The parties agree that electronic communication between them has the legal force of written proof. The Courts of the judicial district of Brussels shall have sole jurisdiction over any dispute or disagreement, unless binding legal provisions should reject that jurisdiction.

Nor is Sirris responsible for websites managed by third parties and to which a link is placed on the website. Sirris has no control over the websites of such third parties and does not accept any responsibility regarding their content. The inclusion of links to such websites does not mean that Sirris endorses the information contained in them and does not necessarily imply any collaboration between Sirris and the owner of said websites. The websites for which the link is mentioned may implement a confidentiality and security policy different from the policies of Sirris.

B. Confidentiality and cookies policy

The use of this website is governed by the provisions contained in the conditions of use and by the provisions concerning the Privacy Statement. We invite you to carefully peruse these conditions before visiting the website. The use of the website implies that you agree to the conditions of use and the privacy statement. If, however, you are unable to agree to these conditions of use or to the privacy statement of Sirris, we ask you not to use the website.

Sirris collects personal data with the aim of ensuring optimal user operation of the website, performing automated user profiling, managing customers, conducting market research, optimising its range of services and the offering or the supply of services (for example, the sending of newsletters and the organisation of competitions). Sirris also uses cookies. For further information concerning cookies, please read our cookies use policy. 


Sirris - Privacy statement

1. General statement

  1. This is the Privacy Statement of Sirris, having its registered office at 80, Boulevard Reyers in 1030 Brussels, corporate number 0406 606 380, phone + 32 2 706 79 44, e-mail info@sirris.be
  2. Sirris is the collective centre for the technology industry. We offer Belgian companies three key assets to help them remain innovative: years of experience and comprehensive expertise in a wide range of industries, high-tech testing infrastructure spread across the country and an extensive network of partners. This way we help large and smaller players in Belgian industry make the right technological choices and achieve sustainable economic growth.
  3. Sirris is involved as a data controller for the processing of your personal data (namely, any information that relates to an identified or identifiable person such as identification data) which it obtains when you visit its website or whenever you communicate your or another person’s personal data (for example, participation at an event, registration to receive a newsletter, by e-mail or personal contact). Chapter 5 of this Privacy Statement describes the personal data processed by Sirris (hereafter, “Personal data”).
  4. This Privacy Statement is made available, in physical or electronic form, in the “Privacy Statement” section of the Sirris website, where you can consult it at any time.
  5. Through this Privacy Statement, Sirris informs any person concerned of the processing of their Personal data. Sirris may change this Privacy Statement at any time. We therefore advise you to consult it regularly. The amended Privacy Statement will be published on the website. It will automatically come into force 14 days after the date of its publication on the website. That date will be mentioned at the bottom of the privacy statement. Until that date, the previous privacy statement remains in force and it may be consulted on the website.

2. Legal framework

  1. This Privacy Statement is subjected to personal data protection regulations, such as:
    • the Act of 30 July 2018 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data;
    • Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing or personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation);
    • any other regulation in force on the protection of privacy and the processing of personal data  (jointly or separately referred to as “Privacy protection law”).

3. Purpose

  1. Sirris processes Personal data in accordance with the provisions of Privacy protection law and with this Privacy Statement, with the aim of: 
    • carrying out activities as described in Article 1.2 (including the entering into and the implementation of contracts to do so), 
    • ensuring optimal operation of the website,
    • compiling a file of customers and suppliers and collecting information for this purpose, 
    • conducting market research, 
    • optimising its offering of services and the supply or the delivery of services,
    • carrying out direct marketing actions for its activities, for example, promotions, updates, specific actions and services, newsletters and information leaflets, e-mails, invitations to events, marketing material and other information that might be interesting or useful, 
    • understanding your needs and preferences so that Sirris may harmonise its offering, its products or working methods accordingly,
    • performing automated profiling using Personal data on its website through the analysis of browsing behaviour, preferences and personal interests of the person concerned. On this basis, Sirris can create common user profiles and associate them with the Personal data for specific messaging, customised advertising or even to propose a specific content on its website. This technique is only used for marketing purposes; it includes the use of specific third-party tracking cookies on the Sirris website. You will find further relevant information in the cookies use policy,
    • forwarding to Sirris’ subcontractors and parties to contracts with a view to the implementation of the previous points,
    • compliance with regulations in force,

referred to jointly or individually as the “Objective”.

4.Legal bases and applicability

  1. Sirris processes your Personal data pursuant to the following legal bases:
    • the contract that you have entered into with Sirris within the framework of the supply of services, the implementation of contracts, the use of the website, etc.,
    • the free, specific, enlightened and unambiguous consent that you have given Sirris or its partners with a view to the processing of Personal data in the context of the sending of direct marketing if you are not a customer or if the direct marketing which is sent to you, in your capacity as an existing customer, does not concern similar products or services and the use of tracking cookies. This consent may be given in every way, for example: by letter, e-mail, an on-line or off-line consent form, a link or a registration,
    • a legal obligation and/or
    • Sirris’ legitimate interest if it shares your Personal data with third parties that assist Sirris in the supply of its products and services. A few examples of third-party activities: hosting of web servers, data analysis, supply of marketing support and a customer service. These companies have access to your Personal data, but only when that proves strictly necessary for the conduct of their activities. They may not use your data for other purposes.

You confirm, in particular, by your registration at (i) an event or (ii) for a newsletter or other forms of direct marketing or by the acceptance of this Privacy Statement at another time, whether on-line or off-line, that you declare entirely, knowingly and in an informed manner that you agree unreservedly to this statement.

This Privacy Statement does not apply compulsorily to third-party services, activities or products (including websites or applications mentioned by hyperlinks (even authorised) on our website), to which reference might be made and to which another privacy statement might apply.

5. Personal data

  1. Sirris may request, collect and process the following Personal data in the context of its activities as defined in Article 1.2:
    • identification data: first name, surname address, gender and date of birth,
    • contact data, for example, e-mail address, phone number,
    • language preference,
    • profession, professional interests and preferences,
    • data on your device, information in your log file, for example, the IP address, the browser and the operating system, the external website that you mentioned, your browsing behaviour, especially the pages you consult on the website, the date and time of visit of pages, together with other information provided to Sirris and cookies. For further information about the use of cookies on the website, please read the Sirris cookies use policy.

6. Pictures

  1. Sirris may use persons’ pictures (for example photos, videos, etc.) as part of its activities as set out in Article 1.2. You are aware that pictures of you or persons for whom you have communicated Personal data may be made by Sirris or on the occasion of events organised by Sirris, for example, workshops, seminars, on-site events, etc.
    In the context of the activities mentioned in Article 1.2, Sirris may use the pictures mentioned in Article 6.1:
    • for internal purposes (and share them through internal communication systems such as e-mails) and register them on a server that can be accessed by Sirris (belonging to Sirris or to its ICT supplier),
    • for external purposes, for example, sharing (by e-mail or on social media) for the purposes of promotional activities, direct marketing, reports to customers, publication on the Sirris website, use in presentations, social media or their communication to third parties, etc.

7. Transfer to third parties

  1. Sirris may resort to subcontractors or partners to carry out some processing activities (for example, hosting of the website, other ICT purposes, etc.). Sirris enters into a data-processing agreement with these third parties likely to have access to personal data in order to ensure the protection of your Personal data.
  2. Sirris guarantees that it does not transfer any Personal data to third parties other than those mentioned in Article 7.1, unless:
    • it is subject to a legal obligation to transfer these Personal data
    • Sirris has a legitimate interest in doing so.
  1. The third parties, for which Sirris is entitled or is obliged to transfer Personal data on the basis of the abovementioned categories, may be established in the European Union or outside it. Personal data may therefore also be transferred to companies or bodies located in countries outside the EU. In the context of the transfer of Personal data, Sirris may not be held liable for the subsequent processing of Personal data by third parties

    This transfer of data outside the EEA is valid if the recipient of the data is established in a country affording a suitable level of protection after an adequacy decision by the European Commission. It is possible that some of these countries do not have similar legislation in the area of data protection to protect the use of your Personal data. In these cases, we have examined the possibility of applying adequate precautionary measures such as those in force in the EU, for example, by means of standard contractual clauses. In specific cases, we ask for your prior consent to be able to transfer your Personal data outside the EEA. For further information about the transfer of data, you can follow the procedure described in Article “10. Rights”.

8. Declarations and guarantees

  1. You guarantee that you are mandated (on behalf of the person concerned) to transfer the person’s Personal data to Sirris, for example, you, your workers, consultants, partners, etc. You guarantee, to the extent required, you have obtained the necessary consent for the transfer of the abovementioned personal data and you will hold Sirris harmless and compensate Sirris for any damage in this respect.
  2. Your acceptance of this Privacy Statement signifies that you guarantee that the (personal) data you communicate are accurate and complete. You are aware that any breach of this provision will be considered as gross negligence.

9. Duration of processing

Sirris records the personal data and it may use them  in accordance with this Privacy Statement and with Privacy protection law, as long as necessary to achieve the Objective and at least up to 5 years after the end of the agreement entered into with Sirris. Sirris will erase the Personal data when the Objective has been achieved and the Personal data will therefore no longer be necessary.

10. Rights

  1. Privacy protection law grants everyone rights relating to their Personal data. As far as their Personal data are concerned, everyone has the right, free of charge: 
    • to have access to such data and to obtain a copy of them,
    • to rectify them if they contain errors,
    • to ask for them to be erased, provided that:
      • they are no longer necessary for achieving the Objectives,
      • consent has been withdrawn and there is no other legal basis for processing the Personal data,
      • an objection has been made and there is no other legal basis justifying the processing of the Personal data,
      • the processing of the Personal data is unlawful,
      • there is a legal obligation to erase the Personal data.
    • to limit the processing of the Personal data,
    • to request the transfer of the Personal data to a third-party data controller in a structured format, currently used and readable by machine,
    • to object to the processing of their Personal data, in particular in the context of direct marketing. You may, at any time, object free of charge to the processing of your Personal data for direct marketing purposes. This signifies, in particular, that you may always unsubscribe from newsletters, commercial mails or mailshots or customised advertising, after which Sirris may no longer send them to you. In fact, you may object to profiling by means of your personal data for direct marketing purposes, at any time, and free of charge. This signifies that if you exercise this right to object, Sirris may no longer have your browsing behaviour or your professional preferences and interests analysed to send you specific mails or propose a particular content on its website (see also Article 3.1 above). If you would like to know more about this, please read the cookies use policy,
    • to withdraw the consent on the basis of which Sirris is entitled to process the Personal data,
    • to submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority (“Commission for the protection of privacy” or “Privacy commission”) if you consider that the processing of your Personal data is contrary to Privacy protection law.
  2. Subject to proof of identity (copy of the front of the identity card), you may exercise the abovementioned rights and, for other matters, send a written, dated and signed request by letter to Sirris, whose registered office is established at 80, Boulevard Reyers in 1030 Brussels, by e-mail to the address info@sirris.be.
  3. The exercising of your rights, as set out above, does, however, depend on requirements and conditions as defined in Privacy protection law. Please take account of the fact that, in certain circumstances laid down by law, we may refuse access to your information or not comply with your request when we have the right to do so pursuant to applicable data protection legislation. 

11. Storage and security

  1. Personal data will be stored at Sirris or at its ICT supplier’s facilities located in the EU.
  2. Sirris undertakes, within its means, to take (or arrange to have taken) all reasonable steps to safeguard the protection of Personal data against loss, destruction, alteration or unauthorised disclosure by adopting organisational and technical security measures and an adequate security policy.
  3. You acknowledge that Internet is an open system and we cannot ensure that it is impossible for unauthorised third parties to circumvent these measures or use these Personal data for inappropriate purposes.
  4. You acknowledge and accept that the transfer and the storage of Personal data are never completely free from risk and, consequently, the damage that you might suffer (or the person concerned) by the illegitimate use of Personal data by third parties (when the Personal data has been transferred in accordance with this declaration of conformity) may in no way be recovered from Sirris. This website may contain links to third-party websites. Sirris is not liable for the content of these websites and neither is it responsible for this third party’s standards and practices regarding confidentiality. Please read and understand the relevant privacy policy of these third parties and their websites before accepting their cookies and browsing their website to make sure that your Personal data are sufficiently protected.
  5. If you become aware of a data leakage, you must immediately inform Sirris of it and, at the latest, within 2 hours of becoming aware of it, by e-mail at the address helpdesk@sirris.be.

12. Liability

  1. Sirris may only be held liable for damage arising from the processing of Personal data in consequence of an error or negligence on the part of Sirris. Sirris may in no way be held liable
    • in the event of force majeure,
    • for damage or consequential damage,
    • damage resulting from errors, deficiencies or negligence on your part or on the part of third parties other than Sirris’ subcontractors.
  2. Sirris’ total liability is limited, in any case to EUR 1,000 (one thousand) for breach of this Privacy Statement and/or Privacy protection law.

13. Severability

If one of the provisions of this privacy statement is illegal or non-binding, it will be amended to the extent necessary to make it legal or binding, while retaining the initial meaning of the provisions as much as possible.

If possible, the provisions of this privacy statement will be interpreted so as to be valid and binding pursuant to applicable law. If one or more provisions of this privacy statement should, however, prove to be wholly or partly invalid, illegal or non-binding, the other parts of the said provisions and of this privacy policy will remain in force as if those invalid, illegal or non-binding provisions had never existed.

14. Applicable law and court of competent jurisdiction

  1. You agree that any dispute between you and Sirris concerning Personal data and privacy issues shall be exclusively governed by Belgian law.
  2. Any dispute relating to Personal data will be settled by the Courts of the judicial district of Brussels, to the exclusion of any other court, unless binding legal provisions reject this jurisdiction.

Published on January 1 2019


1. General statement

  1. This is the cookies use policy of Sirris, having its registered office at 80, Boulevard Reyers in 1030 Brussels, corporate number 0406 606 380, phone + 32 2 706 79 44, e-mail info@sirris.be (“Sirris”). Sirris acts as data controller for the processing of your personal data obtain when you browse its website.
  2. You will find more general information about the processing of your personal data or the exercise of your rights in our privacy statement. 

2. Legal framework

  1. This cookies use policy is governed by:
    • the Act of 30 July 2018 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data (“Data Protection Act”),
    • Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (“General Data Protection Regulation”) (“GDPR”),
    • the Act of 13 June 2005 on electronic communications (“Electronic Communications Act”),
    • any other regulation in force on the protection of privacy and the processing of personal data  (jointly or separately referred to as “Privacy protection law”).

3. What are cookies and what purpose do they really serve?

Cookies are small text files placed on the hard disk of your device when you visit the website. A website uses cookies to recognise your browser so that browsing on the website is fast and easy. Cookies may contain personal identification data. They further make it possible to register your personal parameters and preferences. When you come back to the website, you no longer have to select the language, for example. They also enable you to read videos and sound material. Some cookies may also be placed by a third party, for example, Google Analytics, to measure use of the website (called third-party cookies).

4. Cookies on the Sirris website

  1. Sirris uses different types of cookies:
    • session cookies: cookies that store some preferences during a browsing session, but disappear when you close your session,
    • persistent cookies: cookies that remain on your device, in any case until their expiration date,
    • purely technical / strictly necessary cookies: cookies necessary for the proper functioning of the Sirris website, to present some graphical components, etc.,
    • analytical cookies: cookies used to create statistics on the number of visitors to the website, the most popular pages, etc. (for example: Google Analytics),
    • tracking cookies: these cookies gather information about your browsing habits with the aim of adapting advertising better targeted to your preferences. 

The table below gives an overview of the cookies used by Sirris, the objective of each of these cookies and what the legal bases are.

5. Management and disabling of cookies

  1. Some cookies are erased when you close your browser (session cookies). Others remain on your appliance until they disappear or until you delete them from the cache (persistent cookies or tracking code). They enable us to retain data concerning you when you come back to our website.
  2. If you wish to delete cookies already present on your computer, please consult the help and support function of your web browser where you will find instructions to locate the file or directory in which the cookies are registered. In most browsers, you will also find information in the help function of the toolbar so that your browser does not accept new cookies, what you have to do for your browser to notify you when you receive a new cookie or how to totally disable cookies.
  3. Do not forget that when you disable cookies, some (graphical) components or applications on the website will no longer function properly or less effectively.
  4. You can manage or delete cookies from your browser depending on the browser you use, in order to do so, consult the links below:

You will find further information about cookies on the site www.allaboutcookies.org or by browsing on www.youronlinechoices.eu where you will find explanations about behavioural advertising and online privacy.

6. Sirris' cookies