Advanced manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

Setting up, improving or transforming a manufacturing system is a particularly complex challenge given a desired cost, quality, lead time, reliability and flexibility. Innovation can be achieved through control, machines, automation and digitalization. Sirris helps production companies and technology suppliers implement their innovations right down to the shop floor.

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Production line

Competitive production

Manufacturing is directly linked to the challenges of cost, quality, lead time, reliability and flexibility. Performance can be improved through numerous solutions such as production control, new machines, automation and digital tools. But ... a solution might have a positive effect on quality for example, but a negative one on lead time. Committing to the right technology and a well thought-out implementation process are crucial.

Additive manufacturing M2 Cusing concept laser

For the manufacturing industry and its technology suppliers

Manufacturing companies are faced with rising costs, unstable supply, shortage of staff. Standing still is not an option. This applies to every type of manufacturing company: small or large, putting assemblies together or making components, on demand or in stock, a few or thousands of pieces a year: we help you move forward.

But even if you are a supplier to the manufacturing industry, you can count on our support to develop your new products or services.

Sirris has expertise in the building blocks which are needed together for a competitive manufacturing system, both in traditional manufacturing areas and in the latest digital and sustainable developments


Digitised production increases productivity, decreases costs, results in shorter lead times and much more.

Introducing innovative production technologies to develop and manufacture products competitively and sustainably is a complex challenge. Sirris's solutions include production environments.

Advancements in robotics allow for the flexible automation of production processes.

Sirris helps Belgian companies with high-mix-low-volume products to reduce external and internal lead times through QRM.  

Walter Auwers

Ready to innovate your production processes?

Walter Auwers, Business Unit Manager Advanced Manufacturing, and his team will get you started!

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