Flexible automation

Flexible automation

Are you dealing with frequent product changes, high product variety, and labour shortages? Are your customers demanding high-quality products with short lead times at the lowest cost possible? Flexibly automating specific production steps can help you achieve more efficient production, even in a high-mix, low-volume context. At Sirris, we match automation technologies with your specific challenges.


Optimize your production logistics with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

Collaborative robots – or cobots – make flexible automation easier than ever for limited production series.

Industrial robots in manufacturing are being enhanced with sensing capabilities and safety sensors to create a fenceless working cell.

Flexible production

Towards agile production

When most people talk about automation, fully systematized mass production lines often come to mind. However, the production of a variety of parts in smaller batches can also be automated for more agile production. Robot technologies can then be used in a more flexible way, focusing on optimal collaborations between robots and operators. Our experts at Sirris can guide you in a pragmatic way to evaluate how these technologies can be used to automate your production.

Digital production advice

Automating specific steps

If you produce a large variety of products in small(er) batches and want to optimise your production efficiency, Sirris can help you evaluate the potential of automating specific production steps. Based on an analysis of your current situation, we can define and evaluate potential automation concepts. Technological challenges can be tackled in our dedicated lab where we use state-of-the-art technology for testing and feasibility studies.

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