Quick Response Manufacturing

Quick Response Manufacturing

If you’re looking for a way to face increased customisation, smaller batch sizes and faster response to changes in customer demand, QRM offers many advantages. This company-wide growth strategy will reduce your lead times throughout the whole organisation, both in office processes and on the shop floor. Sirris is here to show you the ropes or to provide you with the necessary training. 

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Customized production

For highly customized environments

While many lean manufacturing methods focus on mass production environments, QRM is mainly intended for high-mix-low-volume environments. The idea is simple: shorten the time between order and delivery. But QRM also serves to quickly launch a well-designed new product. The increased agility and responsiveness this brings along will undoubtedly create a competitive advantage.

7 concrete benefits QRM offers

  • Shorter  lead times (50%-90%)
  • Better delivery reliability
  • Fewer hidden costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • More employee ownership
  • Quicker product development
  • Fewer quality issues and less rework

Guidance trhough QRM's four principles

Leveraging the power of time

We help you clearly visualise lead times and eliminate costs related to long lead times, such as overtime, excess inventories and expediting.

Creating the right organisational structure

By establishing multidisciplinary and fully autonomous QRM cells, you obtain a higher degree of resource flexibility.

Exploiting systems dynamics

Let us show you how to make better-informed decisions with insights in the relations between lot-sizing, capacity utilisation, variability and lead time. 

Building a company-wide strategy

Side by side, we look at your lead times across all functions, from order processing and material planning to new product introduction.

Training and certification

In addition to dedicated support with the implementation of QRM, Sirris also offers training in cooperation with the international QRM Institute. Get certified trough one of these official courses: 

Bronze training

Introduction to the 4 principles of QRM and the transformation playbook. This training turns operational personnel into local QRM ambassadors.

Silver training

Learn how to carry out a full QRM analysis and how to assist in projects under the supervision of Gold graduates or an external QRM consultant.

Gold training

Lead company-wide QRM projects, organise basic training for your colleagues, develop a team mindset and stimulate change management at the leadership level.

Platinum training

Become a QRM instructor. This training mainly consists of individual coaching and several retreats to perfect your own instruction and inspiration skills.

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Eager to discover more about QRM?

The QRM Institute, co-founded by Sirris, organises workshops and conferences, provides training material, hands out certifications, conducts research, and publishes articles. 

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Boost your productivity

Looking for other tips to boost productivity?

Sirris gathers practical insights from manufacturing companies that require little effort and pay off quickly. 

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Done with overly long lead times?

Pascal Pollet, Principal Engineer Smart and Digital Factory, and Véronique Dossogne, Engineer Smart and Digital Factory, will gladly explain how QRM can benefit your business to create a competitive advantage.

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