Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM), better known as 3D printing, is undeniably on the rise in the business world. AM simplifies the production of complex, light and material-efficient parts and optimises flow applications. Besides, the design can be fully adjusted to your technical needs. At Sirris, we bridge the gap between technology and industry and guide anyone who wants to take steps toward Additive Manufacturing: from feasibility studies to the integration of AM technology in your production environment.

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Additive manufacturing

What can we help you with?

Selection of AM technology and materials

Feasibility study and proof-of-concept

Process validation and implementation

Techwatch and masterclasses

Adding intelligence to AM software

Support in different aspects of additive manufacturing

Engineering for AM
3D-printing process
Quality assurance
Integration on the factory floor
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Why Sirris?

Sirris has been working with Additive Manufacturing since 1990. We can show you the possibilities of this technology, but also its advantages and disadvantages. This way you don’t have to make any unnecessary investments and from now on you will have our in-depth knowledge at your disposal. We will guide you through the entire process: from the design phase to integration into your production line. Finally, we provide training so that you can get back in control.

How can we assist you?


  • Access to 15+ different AM technologies
  • Labs in Liège, Gosselies and Diepenbeek
  • Accredited test labs

Experts & expertise

  • Over 20 AM experts and advisors
  • Relevant partner network
  • We regularly inspire lectures and co-workshops on AM

Service & support

  • First time right approach
  • Total approach, across each phase of the process
  • From idea to industrial upscaling

Curious what additive manufacturing could mean for your business?

Our experts guide you through the possibilities, from feasability studies to integration.