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Flexible automation with cobots

Unlike conventional industrial robots, collaborate robots, also known as ‘cobots’, work side by side with the operators. The possibilities are countless: from pick-and-place operations on assembly lines, to polishing. Sirris is the ideal partner for assessing the deployment of cobots at your company.

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Cobot lab

A broad range of applications

Cobots are designed to work safely together with people in a shared working environment. The principle: creating an extra employee to assist the operator by carrying out specific jobs. These tasks can include lifting heavy loads or carrying out repetitive tasks for example.

Pick-and-place operations and (light) assembly tasks are also often carried out. Although there are cobots that carry out tasks requiring a sense of ‘touch’, such as with polishing. In other words, cobots can be deployed in a wide range of sectors to carry out a whole series of tasks.

The advantages of cobots

Simple programming

With certain applications the cobot can be taught specific routines using the teach-by-demonstration facility. 


The cobot can detect external forces thanks to the integral sensors. It can automatically slow down or stop whenever the force is too great. The operator can simply stop it by using their hand. Therefore in certain situations the cobot can safely operate together with people.

Plug & produce

Cobots can be easily moved around and integrated into different production processes.


Cobots can be deployed in various tasks: for example as an operator’s third hand, or for assembly and installation tasks, or with loading or unloading machinery, or as tool grippers, etc.


Cobots are almost always cheaper and easier to deploy and therefore within the scope of smaller companies.

Open system

Different types of cobot can be programmed via the 'robot operating system' (ROS). This allows quicker integration into other systems, including mobile platforms.

Sirris can help you integrate a cobot into your production

Feasibility studies

To test technological and economic applicability within your business context, we can create a setting in that replicates your production environment so you don't have to interfere with your own production equipment.


Our team of experts answers all your specific questions and provides support during the implementation stage.

Technology monitoring

We keep abreast with all the latest international trends and share information with you.  

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is at your disposal

In our application labs at Diepenbeek and Kortrijk, all our cobots and necessary ancillary equipment are at your disposal. With the support of the Sirris experts, you can experience the user-friendliness of cobots for yourself.

An overview:


  • Universal Robots - UR3
  • Universal Robots - UR10
  • KUKA - LBR Ilwa 14
  • Rethink Robotics - Sawyer


  • Pick-it
  • 3D-vision-based structured light systenms
  • Sick
  • Inspector Pim 60, 2D camera
  • LMI 3D, HDI 120A scanner + FlexScan3D-software
  • IDS, Ensenso N10
  • 3D-vision based on stereo vision

Force feedback sensors

OptoForce 6 axis F/T sensor HEX-70-XE-200N

Gripper systems

  • Robotiq 2F 85: 2-finger position-controlled, powerful and rapid
  • Robotiq 2F 140: 2-finger position-controlled, powerful and rapid
  • Suction cups Schmalz – set with different configurations
  • Customized grippers (3D printed)

Offline programming and simulation


Demonstrator robotised screwing

Robotized screwing

Would you like to see how cobots would fit into your workplace?

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