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13 December 2023
Katrien Meuwis
Benoit Olbrechts

Intellectual Property Office expands offer with free scan

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, safeguarding your intellectual property rights (IPR) is essential for innovation, growth, and sustainability. Have you been wondering about the IPR your business owns or how to enhance their value? The Prediagnostic Service for Intellectual Property offered by the Belgian Intellectual Property Office (IPObel) is the key to unlocking the answers.

Sirris's IP experts are recognised by the Intellectual Property Office as experts for the IP Prediagnostic Service.

Why choose Prediagnostic IP Service?

1. Free expert assessment:

Have your business assessed by an accredited expert at no cost. The Sirris experts - Katrien Meuwis and Benoit Olbrechts - will meticulously examine your intellectual property landscape, identifying potential rights, reviewing contractual clauses with partners and employees, and outlining the necessary steps to register your knowhow.

2. Tailored recommendations:

Receive personalized recommendations tailored to your specific business needs. Whether it's exploring the state of the art for potential patent filing, trademark filing, refining IP contractual clauses, or protecting additional domain names, the expert will advise you how to secure and enhance your intellectual property.

3. Comprehensive coverage:

The prediagnostic IP service considers all aspects of intellectual property rights, including patents, copyright, plant breeders' rights, trademarks, domain names, and designs. Practical aspects such as contracts, licenses, and the use of IP databases are also discussed.

4. Competitiveness assessment:

Gain a fresh perspective on your business's competitiveness through the lens of intellectual property. Uncover new opportunities for licenses, partnerships, technological and legal monitoring, and development of new ideas, providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

5. Tailored advice:

The expert will provide a report outlining a specific advice for your business. This plan will help you develop a robust intellectual property policy, considering costs and chances of success, empowering you to make informed decisions for the future.

Who can benefit?

The Prediagnostic Intellectual Property Service offered by  the Belgian Office of Intellectual Property (IPObel), is ideal for innovating businesses less familiar with IPR or looking to explore new domains.  
Mind that this service is designed for companies in Belgium with a company registration number at the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises and a head office in the country.

Don't miss out!

Protect and enhance the value of your innovations with the prediagnostic intellectual property service. The Sirris experts are accredited for this service, work independently and objective,  respect the confidentiality of your data and adhere to the ethical code of their profession. Act now to secure your intellectual property rights and pave the way for growth and success.

More information on the Prediagnostic Service for Intellectual Property can be found on the FPS Economy website.

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