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Intellectual Property Consultancy Day returns at Acumen 2023

Are you an entrepreneur or a company developing new products, brands or innovations and are you looking for answers to your intellectual property questions, both commercial and legal? After a first successful edition in spring, Sirris and Agoria are organising a second Intellectual Property Consultancy Day at Acumen on 14 November 2023, where we will once again bring together all IP expertise for you in one place.

Do you have specific questions about intellectual property? With all these questions you obviously cannot turn to just one expert to have them all answered the right way, so finding an answer to all your questions soon becomes a real quest.

Call on top-experts of all IP facets

Come to our Intellectual Property Consultancy Day on the Acumen live day at BluePoint Brussels on 14 November 2023 and have all your questions answered by IP experts during a free, 1-on-1 confidential discussion.

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Who can you book an individual session with?

You can count on the presence of experts from the FPS Economy, Belgian Intellectual Property Office, the Benelux Office of Intellectual Property (BOIP), VLAIO, Innoviris and Agoria, and you will have the chance to speak to them in person.

What questions can you ask at the IP Consultancy Day?

The IP domain is very extensive, as are the possible questions that can be asked about it. Below are some examples of questions, by expertise, which you could ask the experts at the Intellectual Property Consultancy Day:

1. Patents

Expert: Christophe Deconinck, FPS Economy, Belgian Intellectual Property Office

  • What is a patent?
  • What requirements must an invention fulfil to be patented?
  • What are the benefits of a patent?
  • How high are the costs?
  • What protection does a patent offer?
  • How to find out whether someone else has already patented an invention?
  • Are there third-party patents that can block me?

2. Trade names

Expert: François Chatellier, Benelux Office of Intellectual Property (BOIP)

  • What is a trade name or model?
  • Where is it registered and at what cost?
  • What if I do not register my trade name?
  • How to apply for a trade name?
  • A trade name is already in use, is this a problem?
  • What is an i-depot and how to request it?

3. Copyright

Expert: Jarn Baele, VLAIO (Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

  • What is protected by copyright?
  • Is software also protected by copyright?
  • Must copyright be applied for?
  • What is the duration of copyright?
  • Someone has copied existing texts: is this allowed?

4. Juridical and legal

Expert: Bert Spreuwers, Agoria

  • What contract should you conclude with partners?
  • How to manage and exploit intellectual property?
  • How to draft a licensing agreement?
  • How do I keep information confidential?
  • What is a confidentiality agreement?
  • What is the difference between licensing/distribution/franchise contracts?
  • What is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?
  • What does the fiscal arrangement for income from copyright comprise?

5. Intellectual property collaborations and grants

Expert: Sebastian Serrano, Innoviris

  • What subsidies are available for intellectual property?
  • Am I eligible for the innovation deduction?
  • What is an 'IP scan'?
  • How can I set up a collaboration?
  • Who can support me in this?
  • I want to set up a startup, how do I go about this?

6. Technology support and product development

Expert: tbc, Sirris

  • How to implement an invention?
  • How to move from a concept or idea towards a prototype and a product?


When registering, you can select the experts with whom you would like to have a 1-on-1 discussion and briefly describe your question. In this way we can guarantee the interactivity and efficiency of the conversations.  After registration, we will inform you of the exact time of your discussion.

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And afterwards?

You can't be present, but still have questions? Do not hesitate to register anyway, the event hybrid, so that you can still participate. Or contact us for free and no-obligation advice.

Even once you have started the process, you can get further assistance from our IP experts. Both SMEs and large companies from all sectors of the technology industry can seek Sirris's help with IP problems. Our services range from providing short simple advice to developing and supporting innovation processes.

In addition, Sirris's experts also specialise in looking up information on IP and how to use IP databases to extract information on techniques, competitors or markets.

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