Offshore wind turbines

Why IP is important to protecting your green-tech business

Katrien Meuwis
Benoit Olbrechts

Online lecture ‘Resisting harsh winds – how to use intellectual property in green tech’

On 5 December 2023, a new, joint lecture from the European Patent Academy and the EUIPO Academy shines a light on why intellectual property (IP) is important to protecting your (green-tech) business.

You will explore what types of IP protection are available (trade marks, patents, etc.) and what is exempt from protection. You will also learn how patent analytics can help you to identify new technology trends and to analyse your competitors' innovation activities.

In this online lecture, two experts – Johannes Schaaf from the EPO and Virginia Melgar, Chairman of the 5th Board of Appeal of the EUIPO – will be looking at real-life green-tech cases, with particular focus on offshore wind energy. Audience participation and interaction will be encouraged. Cécile Vanier from the European Patent Office will be the moderator of the event.

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