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Intellectual property

Don't overlook Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) for your business success! Discover how to protect your unique invention, prevent competitors from copying it, and choose the best strategy to ensure its value. Explore licensing options, safeguard confidential information, and take action against product copycats. Let us help you navigate IPR challenges and safeguard your innovations and data.

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Protect actively your business

Companies of all sizes, from sole traders or SMEs to large enterprises, across various industries, can benefit from intellectual property expertise to protect their innovations and gain a competitive edge.  Whether you’re a sole trader, SME or large enterprise, it will provide you a competitive advantage in the market.

The strategic use of IPRs will secure the valorisation path of innovations.  We can help you in providing information,  advising on how to protect your invention, defining your strategy and formulating solutions adapted to your business.

Ignoring intellectual property expertise can result in the loss of valuable innovations, vulnerability to infringement, missed opportunities for collaboration and licensing, and potential legal disputes. Let us help you navigate your IP concerns and challenges. 

Tailored IP advise, powered by the Sirris Patent Cell

The Sirris Patent Cell, founded with the support of FOD Economy, is your contact point for all your questions related to intellectual property. Our experts tailor their advice to your actual needs, as each business has its unique challenges. 

Information & Training

We raise awareness and inform companies about the importance of intellectual property rights,  the latest updates and  their optimal use during the innovation process. For example: 

  • General information on the different IPRs and the application requirements (patents, copyright trade mark, design, )
  • Recent development in IPR
  • Tax incentives related to IPRs

We support you with IP searches in the following areas:

  • Patent searching (legal status, ownership, claim scope, …)
  • Patentability search
  • Competitor search
  • Freedom-to-operate search
  • Landscaping
  • Searches for trademarks and  designs
IP Protection

We bridge the gap between you and IP attorneys by advising on:

  • Patent (EPO, PCT, US, …)
  • Patent prosecution
  • i-depot
  • Trademark
  • Trade secret
  • Copyright
IP Strategy

Together, we develop an overall IP strategy, where your intangible assets are  managed and integrated in your overall business strategy. We advise you on IP identification, possible protection means and IPR portfolio development in alignment with your IP and business strategy.



Sirris advises you on the commercialization aspects of your IPRs:

  • Licensing/technology transfer
  • IP in collaborations
  • IP evaluation/valuation
  • IP in mergers and acquisitions
  • IP audit     
Ecosystem and Trends Analysis

Use our unique database and IPR expertise to identify potential partners, understand future competition, discover emerging technologies and validate your Innovation. Using patent databases, we support you in discovering the latest technology trends, breakthroughs and innovations, determine “white spaces” and potential partners.

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Intellectual Properties webcasts

The Intellectual Property Team (IP-Team) has created, with experts, short webcast video's on several themes regarding Intellectual Property, Patents, etc. 

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Useful links and data bases

Would you like to know more about intellectual property, the tools and data bases, anti-counterfeiting, ...? We maintain a number of useful links, addresses and data bases.

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Financial support for IPR and external links

Our  services are recognized and supported by different funding authorities.


In 2002, the Sirris Patent Cell received the statute of Patlib centre (Patent Library) by the European Patent Office.


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