Navigating tech success: the role of IP and contracts

Katrien Meuwis
Benoit Olbrechts

How to best protect your intellectual assets

In the dynamic world of technology, where new ideas and innovations drive progress, safeguarding and strategically using those ideas can be a game-changer for businesses. Think of your innovations as valuable assets: how you protect and utilise them through Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and contracts can shape the future of your company. This is why the European Union Intellectual Property Rights Helpdesk (EU IPR Helpdesk) created a comprehensive guide on IP and contracts. 

Whether you are sharing, licensing or partnering with others, your ideas and innovations are your unique selling point. The power lies in how these intellectual assets are protected, managed, and strategically utilised through contracts.

The EU IPR Helpdesk's guide on IP and contracts serves as a vital resource for businesses navigating the complexities of intellectual property.  This guide is not just a collection of legal jargon, it is a practical guide designed to empower tech businesses with insights into the nuanced world of IP contracts.

The guide is structured into two primary sections:

  • The first section offers a comprehensive exploration of general contract clauses, providing a foundational understanding. 
  • The second section zooms in on the specifics of intellectual property (IP) contracts, delving into some of the most prevalent IP contracts and associated clauses.

Throughout both sections, practical examples are seamlessly integrated, to illustrate how contracts can be drafted effectively. 

The EU IPR Helpdesk guide is your roadmap in the tech world  and can be dowloaded for free

In need of advice tailored to your business?

The services of the Sirris Patent Cell also include advising on the role of IP in contracts. Our services range from providing short and simple, dedicated, tailored advice to developing and supporting innovation processes. In addition, Sirris's experts also specialise in looking up information on IP and how to use IP databases to extract information on techniques, competitors or markets.

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