Sustainable technological innovation

Innovation Management

Technological innovation is a must for businesses wanting to grow sustainably. But actually applying innovations in products, services, processes or production is easier said than done – and not feasible for everyone. After all, innovation entails risk and demands considerable resources. That is where Sirris comes in: helping companies realise their innovation ambitions.

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Sustainable technological innovation

Sustainable innovation

Do you want to test new ideas against existing technology? Gain insight into relevant technological developments and roadmaps that matter? Support your portfolio with the right technological choices while developing your own roadmap? Streamline innovation processes? Give the knowledge and skills you acquire optimal protection, and thus valorise them economically? In short: to innovate sustainably? Sirris is the ideal partner for objective support with decisions about your technological knowledge and innovations and ways to protect and manage them. 

Independent support for all technological businesses

All organisations with a hunger for technological innovation

We help big and small businesses make their innovation ambitions happen – whether they are experienced innovators or not. Sirris delivers customised support, using its in-depth knowledge to provide comprehensive technological advice throughout the innovation process. Our unique position as a non-profit technological innovation centre, by and for industry, guarantees an unbiased perspective. We ensure the interests of the companies we support always come first! 

A unique skill set to support your innovation

Our support, based on our extensive knowledge and experience, comprises the following:

  • Drawing up roadmaps for specific technology or application domains
  • Extensive and well-founded advice on the management and protection of intellectual property (with research into both precedence and patentability), supported by information from specialised databases
  • Innovation management, customised to your business, including the creation of a technology strategy, partner matching, and access to relevant ecosystems and associated processes based on best practices in business.
  • Help with the various steps of the innovation process, by setting up and implementing cooperative industrial research projects to tackle your problems and technological challenges

For companies that do not have the necessary experience and resources, Sirris can manage the whole process, just the way one of your core teams would.

Grow your business with patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Discover how you can create a forward-looking IP strategy.

Jeroen Deleu

Do you need a reliable sounding board or partner to innovate sustainably?

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