Industrial robots

Industrial robots

We are moving towards cognitive robots, more "aware" nowadays through the addition of sensing capabilities. What’s more, dedicated safety systems allow the creation of fenceless robot cells. These capabilities create opportunities to combine the strengths of robots (such as speed, load capacity and accuracy) with the flexibility of humans in shared workspaces, opening up new avenues for automation. Discover your options with Sirris.

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SCARA robot

Numerous applications for industrial robots

From articulated, cylindrical and cartesian robots to SCARA and delta robots, there’s a wide range of industrial robots to choose from. Each type of robot can operate along one or more axes and is designed for specific applications and movements. Are you curious about whether robots can be used within your specific production environment? Our team of experts at Sirris can help you evaluate the technological and economic feasibility of your automation ideas. Our close ties to the commercial playing field (robot integrators) also allows us to provide extensive support during the implementation phase.

Cobot Sirris

Cognitive industrial robots

One of the main drawbacks of industrial robots is the need for caging to create a safe working environment, implying that true human-robot collaboration is impossible. At Sirris, we are exploring the possibilities of adding sensory capabilities to robots, giving them an enhanced awareness of what's in their surrounding environment (such as materials and humans). Sirris robots are coupled with innovative safety systems, allowing fenceless robotic cells to be created. In our dedicated lab we focus on human-robot collaboration for assembly operations. Get in touch with our team to learn more!

Numerous peripherals

Robots are getting more and more capable of completing complex tasks. A large variety of sensors, grippers, vision systems and more is becoming readily available, making it possible to add extra functionalities to robots, resulting in an increasing number of innovative robot applications.

Mature offering

There is an ever-growing number of industrial robot brands and varieties. In addition, there are solid commercial offerings available from both robot manufacturers and integrators. Prices have dropped in recent years, making investments in robotics justifiable, even for small companies. 

Easy to use, deploy and maintain

New generations of industrial robots easier than ever to operate. There is a clear trend towards user interfaces that provide simple icon-driven programming. Pioneering companies are bundling hardware packages with software to ease implementation.

Smart applications

Artificial intelligence in robotics is rapidly maturing, with great advances being made in machine learning and computer vision. These advances, in turn, enhance the flexibility, speed and efficiency of industrial robots, paving the way for new and exciting use cases.

How Sirris can help

Preliminary study

Would you like to assess the feasibility and potential profitability of industrial robots in your company? The Sirris team is ready to help you define your specifications and requirements, generate and evaluate potential robotic concepts and evaluate open technological issues in our lab.

State-of-the-art labs

In addition to our expertise, we offer you the chance to put theory into practice in our labs. What’s more, we have state-of-the-art robots and accessories available. Rest assured, we can provide you with straight answers to every question you have about automation.

Broad network

With over 100 years of accumulated experience in robotics, our experts are well positioned in a network of valuable industry players. We are always looking to get you into contact with partners to support you in your implementation phase.

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