Survey on automated sanding, deburring, and polishing

Bart Verlinden
Jan Kempeneers

Help us shape the future of the manufacturing industry

What keeps companies awake at night when it comes to the automation of finishing processes such as sanding, deburring and polishing? That’s what we want to know, which is why we created a survey within the COBOTASSIST programme to gather input from experts, professionals and stakeholders in manufacturing SMEs. With this survey we want to gain more insight into the needs, challenges and expectations surrounding the automation of post-processing of steel and plastic products with cobots and robots.

COBOTASSIST, the cross-border collaboration project between Belgium and the Netherlands, with partners Sirris, POM Limburg, Fontys, Avans Hogeschool, Breda Robotics, High Tech NL and SyntraPXL and supported by the Interreg programme, wants to make the manufacturing industry stronger and more competitive by developing innovative cobot solutions. We are not doing this unthinkingly, but with our finger on the pulse, so we appeal to you!

Do you make use of finishing operations in your company? Would you like to improve or automate them? Or are you a provider of robot or related technology? Your opinion and expertise are invaluable to us in setting the right direction and providing tailor-made solutions that meet the sector's needs.

Complete the questionnaire and share your insights with us!

And what next? Once the results have been processed, we will share them with you. This will be done through publications and events at which the results will be explained. We will also take the results of the survey into account when organising workshops.

We thank you in advance for your valuable contribution to the COBOTASSIST project and look forward to the results!



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