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Digital Transformation

Let’s be honest, there is no ‘digital strategy’ anymore, just a strategy in a digital world. And to nail that, adding digital services to your offering could well be the way to go. From giving your machines computer vision to creating a platform to interact with customers, options abound. Let’s shape and execute your digital transition.

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Digital transition

Transition or stay behind

If you integrate digital technology into your business, chances are that you’ll be fundamentally changing the way you operate and deliver value to your customers. Although that might sound radical, it has become a matter of survival. Going digital is now the default option. So, start thinking differently, bite the bullet, and seize the opportunities around you. 

Digital solutions

Digital solutions in all shapes and sizes

There’s obviously no one-size-fits-all solution to successfully complete a digital transition. Some benefit from launching connected products or offering new digital services, others from developing a SaaS offering. Each company has its own story. But whatever your story is, you’re likely to face technology choices as well as issues related to digital entrepreneurship – which we’re all happy to help with.


The quality of the technological foundation of your digital service will determine whether you achieve your goals or not. Let’s put our minds together.

You want your digital services to be scalable, customer-centric and fairly priced from the start. Sirris helps you to get the early stages of your digital venture right.

Why do you need to protect your clients’ data? What does cybersecurity entail? And how do you go about it? We offer advice to become a trusted supplier.

Artificial intelligence opens up many new possibilities for future products, services and processes. With Sirris, you unlock the potential in a sensible way.

Data-drive innovation hinges on trust in the origin and quality of data sources and insights. Let’s discover the possibilities for a secure and resilient approach. 

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Your first point of contact: Wim Codenie, Business Unit Manager Digitalisation at Sirris.

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