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No matter which industry you are in, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is drastically changing it. This brings new challenges, but also a world of opportunities. By leveraging the power of data, the EluciDATA Lab at Sirris will help you to future-proof your processes, services, or products and increase your competitive edge. Let’s join forces and connect the opportunities of AI to your business objectives.

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Business potential data

A wide range of possibilities also for SMEs

Data and Artificial Intelligence are no longer the exclusive domain of large tech companies. They also offer a spectrum of new possibilities and opportunities for smaller market players and SMEs. Think product and customer profiling, machine performance monitoring, or business process optimisation. 

Nonetheless, it is not trivial to gauge how your business may benefit from AI. Sirris' EluciDATA Lab can give you all the inspiration, advice and support you need. Even if you are only just about to embark on your data project, we can help you reach your company’s goals with AI — no matter what sector or niche you operate in.

Is there business potential in your data? Is your data innovation idea feasible? And which technology is most suitable to tackle your business challenges? Our experts will help you to answer these questions. You can count on their full support throughout the implementation of your project, up to the realisation of proofs-of-concept.

Who can benefit from our AI solutions?

Companies aiming for product innovation

We help you to put your data to work and thoroughly revisit your product or software design, its performance, and its functionalities to look for points of improvement, or to develop additional services.

Companies aiming for process innovation

We help you to improve the efficiency, the quality and the planning of your industrial processes. Together, we’ll tackle downtime, automate processes, and optimize machine configurations. By leveraging the latest insights on data and AI, you successfully enter the Industry 4.0 era. 

Companies aiming for service innovation

We help you, as a service provider, to open the door to automation and upscaling. We are a sounding board as well as an all-round partner, assisting you with feasibility studies up to proofs-of-concept. Side by side, we turn data insights into new revenue streams.

Smarter together

None of us is as smart as all of us

Although you probably don’t lack good intentions, chances are that you miss the skillsets, experts, data and infrastructure to effectively pursue differentiating products, processes or services. Sirris fills in those blanks with an extensive offering:

  • Identifying and validating opportunities through feasibility assessments
  • Realizing a proof-of-concept for your business
  • Searching for complementary service providers
  • Sharing knowledge through master courses, webinars and workshops
  • Showing you the basics with our AI Starter Kit Platform
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AI in Industry Casebook

Get inspired by a variety of industry-driven project cases that illustrate the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning 
(ML) technologies to tackle real-world problems. Our casebook showcases the potential usage and exploitation of your company data.
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Elena Tsiporkova

Ready to infuse your business with AI?

Elena Tsiporkova, our Data Innovation Program Manager, will get you on track.

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