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Secure & intelligent distributed systems

The increasing connectivity and intelligence of industrial assets, products and services requires a robust security and privacy-preservation of distributed data flows. We focus on end-to-end resilience, trust and protection, covering the entire edge to cloud continuum to support the quality of the data and integrity of its sources and extracted insights. 
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Increased data trust and secure distributed intelligence

The value of data to improve business operations and processes hinges on the trust we put in the origin and quality of the data, and the reliability of the data analytics. 

Unrepresentative, unverified, or manipulated data can create critical problems, undesired business outputs and missed opportunities (faulty products, putting consumers at disadvantages or at risk). Furthermore, EU legislations such as the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act aim to create a safer and more open digital space.

We address these challenges through secure, privacy-preserving and resilient approaches tailored to resource-constrained edge computing applications as well as complex distributed systems and value chains. This enables trust in the data and transparency in the data analytics. This way companies can assure that the data is immutable and safely protected throughout its lifecycle and that the data analytics process is transparent and reliable. 

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Who can benefit from our support for increased data security and privacy?

  • Data harvesting companies – Harvesting data in a secure, trustworthy, and compliant way. 
  • Connected assets companies – Improving system security, connectivity, and resilience. 
  • Intelligent solutions companies – Tackling complexity and robustness of intelligent solutions through secure and trustworthy AI . 
  • Data exchange within the supply chain – Safeguarding data flows within the internal system as well as the extensive supply chain. 

A ray of light on our service

We offer technical advice, industrial R&D expertise, proof-of-concepts, and R&D cooperations in IoT system security, data security and data analytics. 

Secure & trustworthy data access & exchange

We facilitate efficient, secure and privacy-respecting data access and knowledge sharing between different industrial stakeholders. This includes secure device onboarding and robust communication, and ensuring the data is used correctly within its defined uses and legal requirements.

Secure distributed intelligence

We assess security and safety to guarantee that designed AI systems are safe to use, trustworthy, reliable and remain under control. As AI becomes more integrated in system components impacting the physical world, decision making relies on generated, privacy-sensitive, not-poisoned data and assets.

Data life cycle management

We design approaches for secure, reliable and transparent data management and governance guaranteeing the reliability and accuracy of the data analysis. We ensure secure and efficient methods for data life cycle management (i.e creation, transformation, processing, sharing, and deletion/decommissioning).

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Want to secure your data flows and connected solutions?

Our experts Anna Hristoskova and Annanda Rath will gladly guide you through our solutions. 
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