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Data and artificial intelligence competence lab

The Data and Artificial Intelligence Competence Lab of Sirris (EluciDATA Lab) bundles Sirris' expertise in advanced data processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Lab's mission is to stimulate data innovation and the uptake of AI within the Belgian technological industry.

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Elena Tsiporkova

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Boulevard A. Reyerslaan 80
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How can we assist you?

These are some of the questions our 10 data experts can help you to answer:

  • What state-of-the-art can I build upon?
  • Where can I find data scientists?
  • Is data relevant for my business?
  • Is there business potential in my data?
  • Is my data innovation idea realizable?
  • Does legislation affect my business?
  • And much more… 

Over the years, the data team of Sirris has initiated and executed shared R&D initiatives and bilateral innovation projects, organised trainings and dissemination events, and supervised student master theses and internships on industrial topics. Through these activities, they have acquired extensive knowledge and experience in various industrial domains such as renewable energy, manufacturing, transport & mobility.

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