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Digital entrepreneurship is all about striking the balance between ‘hyperscale’ and ‘micro-care’. To be successful, your online service should be both highly scalable and customer-centric. As you move through the growth stages of the digital venture cycle, various questions arise. How do you deal with growing pains? When is the best time to invest in an international presence? How and when do you find the right kind of growth capital and partner organisations? What about pricing and tackling market segments with different needs? The list goes on, but one thing is certain: Sirris can help you figure it out.

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Having trouble to scale your tech-driven company? An advisory board can turn the tables. Learn how our approach creates genuine impact.

Scaling a digital service requires smart choices. When, where and how much should you invest in international presence? We’ve got the answers!

How to reach and maintain a product-market fit? Get a clear definition of your product and customers, consistent pricing and relevant sales arguments.

How does your digital service create and deliver value? Sirris can help you answer this essential question with a razor-sharp business model.

Working together is often better. Leverage the expertise of other companies and work towards a shared business mission within a valuable ecosystem.

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Why digital services matter?

Developing and deploying digital services is a matter of business survival. Digital entrepreneurship can help all kinds of companies and organisations cope with fast changes in the general business environment. Think of trends such as the shift towards:

  • a loyalty economy – instead of transactional interactions with customers, suppliers and collaborators, more and more long-term relationships are being built
  • a design economy – as solutions increasingly need to answer to individual needs and continuous improvements are expected, it’s crucial to stay connected effectively while using data to gain useful insights for your business and stakeholders.
  • a platform economy – collaboration between different players within a specific business and innovation ecosystem is key to providing innovative solutions.
  • enhanced sustainability – “as-a-service” business models are becoming increasingly important to help extend product lifetimes, shrink equipment needs, eliminate waste, boost circularity, etc.

How Sirris can help

Expertise for every scaling ambition

The Sirris Digital Services team’s expertise can benefit many types of companies: from manufacturers and physical product builders to services companies and native digital solution or product providers. While diverse, what these businesses generally have in common is the ambition to connect with and provide value to their customers, ecosystem partners, suppliers, collaborators and more. 

Sirris can help you solve both the business- and technology-related questions that come with digital service and scaling ambitions. We can guide you through possible third-party software solutions and digital services to back your plans. Or, if you prefer to develop your own application, our digital architecture expertise and skills are just what you need.

Strong network and coaching

In addition to individual and collective advice, masterclasses and inspiration sessions, Sirris can also help you through coaching, throughout the entire scaling trajectory. All while supporting your R&D projects and strategy roadmaps through our extensive international and institutional network. 

Meanwhile, one of our biggest strengths resides in our long-term industrial heritage coupled with our profound experience in the digital ecosystem of in-house company ventures, startups and scaleups. As such, Sirris has managed and executed the Scaleup Vlaanderen and Startathlon acceleration programs with over 200 participants and counting. What’s more, we have coached 500+ digital ventures and set up or participated in 50+ advisory boards.

Companion in digital entrepreneurship

Sirris acts as a companion throughout your digital entrepreneurship journey’s critical building blocks. Not only do our experts advise you on your scaling and internationalization efforts and approach to pricing and segmentation. We can also help you with your business model while guiding you through the opportunities presented by the platform economy and digital ecosystems relevant to your organisation. 

As a native digital solution or product provider, you can also benefit from Sirris’ experience in identifying the challenges and terminology to use when connecting with non-native digital organisations. Want to better convince new customers while meeting or even exceeding their expectations? Sirris can help you to get a sharper and better view of the business requirements of the digital solution to be built. 

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