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The need to develop digital services is a no-brainer for many modern businesses. Particularly for industrial companies, digital services have not only become a must, but also present a lot of – albeit largely untapped – potential. With cloud infrastructure and countless web services readily available, building apps, online platforms and the like has never been easier. Or is it? While it usually takes just a few clicks to get started, well-informed decisions determine whether your digital services bring true value to your organisation and your customers – or not. Want to get it right the first time? Get in touch.

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An essential part of your digital transformation

In today’s business environment, failing to digitise your operations is like pushing your customers, employees and market share towards your competitors. No matter the sector you’re active in, digital players will challenge the status quo. Pursuing your digital ambitions – and developing digital services in particular – increases operational efficiency, helps you attract and retain customers, etc. – which directly improves your bottom line.

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Digital services call for unique user experiences

Successful digital services create unique user experiences. They significantly change the way customers, employees and partners interact with organisations and with each other – making them come back for more. Consider the opportunities provided by daily banking apps, how helpful online video tutorials are for that lawnmower you just bought, or how much easier your first day at a new job might be when you have access to FAQs and chat applications.


Let’s create a clear digital product roadmap to guide technological development, support segmentation and focus marketing efforts.

Wondering if the technology stack of your smart products and software is on par with your ambitions? Benefit from our unbiased advice.

How to develop a new digital service and ensure user adoption? Get help with strategic priorities, effective product management and a roadmap.

Cyber security and data protection are key when launching a digital service. Discover how to build secure foundations.

Many backgrounds and expertises come together when developing digital services. Get objective guidance on how to achieve a shared mindset.

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Food for thought: shifting trends and expectations

By developing and deploying digital services, your organisation is poised to handle changes in the general business environment effectively. Be ready for :

  • Long-term customer relationships – the always-on possibilities of digital applications are increasingly changing traditional transactional interactions with customers, suppliers and collaborators into long-term partnerships.

  • Personalised experiences

     – for your digital services to generate the most value for your users, they need to answer highly specific needs and continuously improve. Users expect your services to be immediately available, whenever needed. From your perspective, collecting usage data offers invaluable insights.
  • Collaboration for a better solution – more and more organisations are working together within the same ecosystem, either with compatible services or by supporting each other to provide even more relevant solutions for customers.

  • A greater focus on sustainability – ‘as-a-service’ business models are becoming increasingly important to help extend product lifetimes, shrink equipment needs, eliminate waste, boost circularity, etc.

How Sirris can help

Expertise for every digital ambition
At Sirris, we believe that every entrepreneur should be able to pursue their digital ambitions, even if you don’t have an ICT background or lack some of the skills or know-how. As a not-for-profit, technology-neutral sounding board, Sirris is your companion throughout your entire digital journey: from setting up your tech infrastructure to guiding you through cybersecurity, digital product management, and much more.
Strong network and coaching
In addition to individual and collective advice, masterclasses and inspiration sessions, Sirris can help you through coaching, across your entire digital journey. All while supporting your (international) R&D projects and strategy roadmaps through our extensive international and institutional network. Meanwhile, perhaps our biggest strength resides in our long-term industrial heritage coupled with our profound experience in the digital ecosystem of in-house company ventures, startups and scaleups.
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Get your digital business cookbook

Long-term industrial heritage coupled with profound experience in the digital ecosystem of in-house company ventures, startups and scaleups: that’s what Sirris stands for, striking the balance between practical and theoretical expertise to shape smart and effective transformation projects. Sirris experts Peter Verhasselt and Nick Boucart bundled this kaleidoscope of insights into a single book called ‘Hyperscale and Microcare: the digital business cookbook’ for you to sink your teeth into.

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