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Circular economy

Maximizing effective use of (material) resources: that’s what the circular economy is all about. This not only benefits our planet, but also holds major business opportunities for companies and organisations such as yours. Want to unlock this potential and accelerate your learning process? Reach out to our experts.

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The win-win of balancing people, profit and planet

When embarking on a circular economy journey, your company doesn’t just support the worldwide green transition by lowering its environmental impact, waste and land use. You’ll also reap various other rewards that increase your competitiveness. Going circular can enhance your access to materials, which in turn helps you boost the security and price stability of your supply chain, all while satisfying changing customer needs.

You’ll also stay ahead of new requirements and government regulations. And don’t underestimate the positive effect of being seen as a forward-thinking company: a powerful asset for your employer branding to attract motivated employees in the face of today’s war for talent.


Opportunities across the board

The opportunities of the circular economy are available to various types of companies across different sectors: from the manufacturing industry and its value chain to service companies looking to introduce product-as-a-service and other circular business models.

But it doesn’t end there... Numerous companies specialise in providing remanufacturing, digital and other types of solutions that support the development of new, cutting-edge circular economy solutions that other industries can leverage in their sustainability efforts. Really no excuse not to get involved!

Leverage our expertise

Circular entrepreneurship

How do you translate circularity concepts and theory into specific actions that work for your organisation? Value chain, business models, stakeholders, regulation… Numerous abstract concepts need to be bundled and translated into concrete actions to effectively place circular entrepreneurship at the core of your company or organisation. Sirris helps you see the forest for the trees and assists you to put theory into practice.

Circular design

Which product in your portfolio is most suited for achieving your circular objectives? And which business model can you use to market it? Through analysis carried out by Sirris’s experts, you’ll be able to identify where the most potential resides, which requirements your products will have to meet and the best business model to market them.

Bio-based materials

We use our knowledge of biobased materials (such as biobased coatings) to select materials with the required functionality. The goal is to reduce the environmental impact of your materials and product while closing the loop.

Recycled materials

While recycling is key in the circular economy, some materials are harder to recycle than others. Think of composites, for instance. Don’t worry: Sirris is dedicated to helping you find ways to recycle more challenging materials and use them to create valuable products.

Product lifetime extensions

From repairing and refurbishment to remanufacturing and repurposing: various circular economy approaches can extend the lifetime of your products and infrastructure. But how do you combine them into one feasible operational processes and earning models that work for your organisation? Sirris helps you find the answer!

How Sirris can help

Theory and practice all rolled into one

Through the years, Sirris has built up vast expertise in the manufacturing sector and industrial innovation. Coupled with our knowledge and research insights, this means ‘we know what’s up’ at companies like yours. Look no further for a partner in circularity that puts theory into practice in a no-nonsense way.

Guidance throughout your journey

Playing your part in the circular economy is all about the journey – and Sirris can help you all the way: from developing your organisation’s circular vision, strategy and roadmap to supporting the experimental, testing, growth and scaling phases. We have deep knowledge of the circular economy ecosystem. This allows us to get you in touch with the right knowledge, R&D and business partners to back your circular ambitions together.

Your gateway to knowledge, tools and equipment

With the right support when you need it: that’s how Sirris aims to enrich and ease your circular economy journey in the most cost-effective way. Our Smart Coating and Composites Application Labs give you access to cutting-edge infrastructure to thoroughly test and validate your circular solutions, helping you to spread the risks of R&D and reaping the rewards of co-creation, co-innovation and joint learning for your business.

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We've got you covered

Plus, Sirris has developed a variety of DIY tools, checklists and templates that can help you get started with circularity. How? By enabling you to ask the right questions, connect with peers, map out possible ideas and courses of action, and more. Check it out:

The Circular Shift

The most important tool towards a circular future is sharing our small successful steps with each other. That is why we have created The Circular Shift: SHare Innovation Forward & Talk. Each month, we address one common circular question and let you come up with the answers.

Let's learn from one another!
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