Getting started with your circular design - project call

Stefan Milis

Get support, with tools, advice and assistance, as well as funding

How can we develop solutions that support and make circular practices self-evident rather than inhibit them? The design of a circular strategy, the associated business model and, of course, the product itself determine how (easily) products, components and materials are used in a circular way, with maximum customer satisfaction, value retention and minimal environmental impact. Design, therefore, is a crucial success factor for circular solutions. Let us help you to get started, with tools, advice and assistance, as well as funding.

There must be alignment between the product design, the business model, and the product lifecycle, including the maturity level and rate of technological evolution.

Circular Flanders acknowledges the importance of circular design. It launches the 'Design 4 Circularity' project call, aimed at (at least two) partners who want to apply circular design to their market offerings. Projects can receive up to 80 percent and €100,000 in funding. Please note: the deadline for participation in this project is 13 September 2024! Do you need any support during the summer for your participation? Feel free to contact us about your project idea!

You can find all information about this call on the Circular Flanders webpage: this page and the call document contain a lot of very interesting resources and tools you can use to get started with your circular design.

We enhance this approach with tools developed by Sirris and Agoria, which are linked to circular design. While no tool can substitute for the necessary 'thinking and doing' required to shape your project, our tools offer inspiration, structure, and additional perspectives and pose challenging questions that aid in defining your project optimally. 

It’s up to you now!

Eager to get started on the design of your circular product and business model? Be sure to check out this call and resources! Looking for a sounding board or external support? Contact one of our circular coaches!


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