Bekaert takes further steps towards circular economy

Thomas Vandenhaute

As a world leader in steel wire transformation and coating technologies, Bekaert is convinced of the strategic importance of the circular economy across the entire life cycle of its products and value chain. As a result, Bekaert's Sustainability & Innovation Team launched an initiative to take circularity to an even higher level based on a systematic approach and using a common language. Sirris is supporting Bekaert in this initiative.

The initiative has joined formal and informal circular leaders from different activities and business units. The group included different maturity levels, a variety of hierarchical positions and varied knowledge and expertise. Diversity enhances interaction and is bound to accelerate various aspects of learning, e.g. product and revenue model, value chain, supporting technologies...

Open interaction

Interactive sessions brought inspiration from outside, which was added to their collective knowledge, experience and insights. Open interaction provides for an adequate space to discuss each person's risks, concerns and uncertainties. In reality, everyone can take meaningful, achievable steps in the circular direction they want to take. With small steps, successes are achieved together, boosting their belief in their own competences which are required for the next steps.

And the story doesn’t stop here. Additional interactions within the core team and business units reinforce the 'we' feeling based on the trust gained. This provides a basis to further crystallise the circular ambitions and translate them into concrete projects in the various business units.

This case is one of twenty inspiring examples of how technological innovation can be put into practice in industry, included in our Annual Report 2022. Curious for more? Then be sure to read the other cases in our Annual Report, let them inspire you and discover what technological innovation can mean for you!

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