Circular economy

Creating and retaining value by embracing the circular economy 

Pursuing sustainable income while contributing to our environment and society is a worthy and attractive endeavour. Sirris’s broad expertise can not only help you define strategic choices and identify potential, it can also assist you in converting ideas into innovative processes that can actually be implemented.

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A circular economy strategy as your value driver 

Improving our businesses while contributing to a more sustainable world remains a challenge. Translating circular economy concepts into concrete actions involves dealing with increased complexity caused by changing product design, modifying business models, setting up new partnerships, dealing with new legal or contractual challenges, creating an internal awareness and setting up strategic alliance, etc. We can help you to overcome these barriers, grasp the opportunities and gradually reduce the risks involved in developing for the circular economy. Starting from your company’s existing strengths, we work together with you to identify the actions that  bring you closer to circularity so that you can grasp the new business opportunities. 


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Creating value through eco-design by integrating the relevant business needs 

Redesigning products around a lifecycle perspective requires additional insights and efforts and, because the benefits of this effort might only arise downstream in the value chain, eco-innovation and business model innovation is required. Sirris helps your designers and product marketing to design and develop sustainable solutions and capture their added value for your organisation.

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From waste prevention to management of closed material loops

Exploiting side streams by using them as resources for other processes or companies requires knowledge of materials, waste processing and the market. Sirris can support and accelerate this process by using its insights into manufacturing processes, materials and materials processing and side stream collection to engage with new actors in the ecosystem. Our approach and our tools will help you to balance the costs and benefits over the value chain while defining new roles for each actor.


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