Stefan Milis

Project leader Circular Economy

Environmental impact reduction, resource security, business resilience, new revenue streams, employer branding… the benefits of joining the circular economy are plenty. But what does circularity mean in today’s world? And – more importantly – how does your company get started? Easy questions, complex answers. The good news: Sirris is here to help you make the right choices. Contact me to push the play button on circular innovations.


  • Circular economy (business models, value chains, life cycle thinking, etc.)
  • Innovation (processes, risk management, business cases, etc.)
  • Technologies for the circular economy

Work experience

Since 2004, I’ve had many roles at Sirris and was involved in several domains, including surface treatment, business development, sustainability and offshore wind energy. In 2021, I was delighted to join the team dedicated to innovation in the circular economy.


  • Materials Science and Engineering at KU Leuven (1994)
  • Post-academic learning cycle Consulting Skills & Leadership at UHasselt (2011)

Professional motto

“Practice, don’t preach.”

Fun fact

In my spare time, too, I am discovering what a (more) sustainable way of life actually entails... Lots of fun, connection and well-being!

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