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CIRCLE | Remanufacturing as a lever for value creation in a circular manufacturing industry

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Remanufacturing, repairing, repurposing, refurbishing, reusing, ... are all valuable circular strategies. The question is how to be sure that you are exploring and testing the most optimal strategy, specifically for an SME context? With this project, Sirris provides you with an approach and practical tools (technologies, tools ...) to help you limit the risks and increase the chances of success.


It is a circular evidence that more value can be derived from products with a longer lifespan, especially in a B2B context. This can be accomplished by maintaining, repurposing, repairing, remanufacturing. You should also be aware that many factors have an impact on the economic success of these life-extending activities. Many manufacturing companies are also faced with these major uncertainties and risks.

Objective and results

This project wants to accelerate the start with remanufacturing by, on the one hand, guiding companies with a pragmatic, step-by-step approach towards their pilot project and, on the other hand, by giving them insight into the key technologies that can be used by SMEs for the various circular operations within remanufacturing. The aim is to bring all this together in one ready-to-use tool, so that you can get started yourself.

The pragmatic and methodical approach:

  1. includes value chain perspective
  2. reduces complexity through frequent business models (archetypes) en by turning the trajectory into a step-by-step plan
  3. integrates available knowledge of remanufacturing and en key technologies suitable for SMEs.

De series of steps provide a progressive insight, split up the decission-making process and systematically reduce the risk. The result is a validated businell model for identified product groups, that serves as a starting point for the company, to start a pilot project.

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Additionally, we intend to familiarise you with a range of useful technologies aimed at supporting the efficiency of remanufacturing operations. A pre-selection of technologies will be made to match your situation.


Knowledge-building focuses on the one hand on the development of a pragmatic, methodic approach of recognizable archetypes and on the other hand, on proving de possibilities of technologies suitable for SMEs to start remanufacturing operations. The approach integrates and builds on the international state of the art, next to past research projects, tools and support of companies by Sirris in the field of the circular economy. This offers companies a frame of reference, methodology, simple tools and applicable knowledge and knowhow to get started with.

Target Group

SMEs that want to explore the potential of remanufacturing are our target group,  both manufacturing companies and service companies that help extend the life of products (maintenance, repair, etc.). 



COOCK Cirkel, VLAIO COOCK Collectief Onderzoek & Ontwikkeling en Collectieve Kennisverspreiding, HBC.2021.0943 

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Mar 2022 - Feb 2024

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