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With smart autonomy the product takes more control over its own operation and becomes less dependent of interventions by a user or external system thanks to automated decision making

Find out how this best product strategy achieves improved efficiency and convenience. 
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Smart autonomy improves efficiency and convenience thanks to automated decision making

  • Products with smart autonomy have the capability of taking decisions and actions without direct input from users or external systems

  • They can adapt to changes in the environment and to user preferences to achieve better product performance, simplify operation and reduce human intervention

  • Smart autonomy always requires autonomous decision making in software and some sensing, but not necessarily connectivity

  • It’s a stepping stone towards levels of intelligence that go beyond decision making, like optimisation advice and performance prediction

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With the Alberts One, food tech company Alberts ensures healthy food offering at work.

Will-Fill automates and optimises metalworking fluid management

Ethernetics makes the internet greener with server monitoring platform

Gilbos makes production of quality carpets easier

4INCH reduces heating consumption with intelligent thermostatic valve SNUGR

Better performance and higher productivity to Yamabiko's connected lawnmowers

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