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Your smart product scenario?

Are you ready to take action and develop your own Smart Product solution?

  • Start your journey with our practical 4-steps-approach.
  • Identify the valuable smart product ideas that should be on your company’s radar.
  • At the end of the exploration, you will have a set of ideas that resonate enough within the company to start validating them with potential customers.



Your 4-steps roadmap to your Smart Product Strategy

Using the Smart Product Inspiration Guide as a resource, gather a team of peers to address in 4 steps the key questions that lead to valuable smart product ideas

  1. Business drivers
    • What is your company’s current business and focus?
    • Do you consider expanding your offering with new functionalities, services or data-driven solutions?
  2. Opportunities
    • For each of the smart product scenarios in your scope, how would that scenario apply to your company?
    • Which problem of which customer would you target in this scenario?
    • Which scenarios will have the biggest impact on customer value and business value?
  3. Challenges & risk
    • For each of the value-adding ideas, what kind of solution would your company target and how would it be offered?
    • Which ideas seem most feasible if you consider technology, cost, legal, finance and organisation?
  4. Roadmap
    • How would the retained ideas relate with each other?
    • How would these ideas be prioritised and developed over time according to the identified opportunities, challenges & risks?


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No inspiration without action!

Keep these good practices in mind if you want to get the most out of this exploration:

  • Who’s driving? No driving without someone in the driver’s seat!
  • Build a small team of doers (and yes, 2 can be a team).
  • Involve internal stakeholders such as management, sales, R&D, production, after-sales, IT, finance, ...
  • State your assumptions and have them challenged.
  • Keep track of the “why” behind decisions.
  • Keep the number of sessions limited and the flow going, because the truth of successful smart products lies outside the company walls.

All of the above is preparation and will allow you to validate your Smart Products ideas by talking and engaging with your customers and/or end-users. 

The truth of successful smart products lies outside the company walls. All of the above is just preparation before talking to customers.

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Download the Inspiration Guide

Throughout researching 150+ smart products, Sirris distilled 17 possible scenarios. In this online inspirator, the 5 most common smart product scenarios are explored and illustrated.

Want to gain a deeper understanding and discover all possible scenarios? Or even better: conceive your smart product scenario —  turning inspiration into action!

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