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Smart Product Inspirator

The world is digitising at an unprecedented pace. Smart products and IoT are becoming more commonplace. And yet many product companies don’t know what tangible opportunities this can bring for them.

Our Sirris Smart Product experts analysed over 150 smart products and what options companies have for innovating their offering and making their products smart. We bundled the key findings in the Smart Product Inspirator.

Browse through the possible solutions and scenario's to find what approach suits your company. Our experts are ready to help navigate and guide you towards the solutions that work for you.

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Create value with smart products

Smart products create value in many different ways.

Growing a smart product business has an impact on your product, but it may also require changes in your business model and your organisation. Dealing with this overload of new options and unknowns can be daunting. Navigate through the possible smart product scenario's and discover where your opportunities are.

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To increase your chances of success and keep your innovation on the right track, Sirris has developed tools and guidelines over the course of several years of industry-driven research and innovation projects with companies.

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Explore smart products

The smart product inspirator provides orientation for companies exploring the opportunities of smart products and IoT. It serves as a framework to identify valuable ideas for smart products based on proven smart product scenarios and illustrated by smart product cases.

Explore the Smart Product Inspirator

What makes a product smart?

Unleash the potential of smart products: physical objects with enhanced capabilities opening up endless possibilities.

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Smart product scenarios

Explore the smart product scenarios and deep dive into the 5 most common scenarios as found in +150 smart products.

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Smart product cases

We inspire you with 15 smart product cases. They illustrate the scenarios with innovations by companies close to you.

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Download the Inspiration Guide

Throughout researching 150+ smart products, Sirris distilled 17 possible scenarios. In this online inspirator, the 5 most common smart product scenarios are explored and illustrated.

Want to gain a deeper understanding and discover all possible scenarios? Or even better: conceive your smart product scenario —  turning inspiration into action! 

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Our experts are also available to help you guide and navigate the options for your manufacturing environment. Reach out to Smart Product expert Pieter Beyl: he can help!

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