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Smart product cases

Looking for inspiration and want to find out how real companies make use of smart products in their business models and strategies?

  • Browse through the 15 selected company cases and discover the variety of smart product applications that are brought to the market.
  • Let their stories and insights inspire you to get started on your own smart product roadmap.

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ABN Clean Room Technology introduces smart cleanrooms

Alberts ensures healthy food offering at work

AVR turns potato harvesting into a smart and transparent process

Will-Fill automates and optimises metalworking fluid management

Effitrax offers platform-enabled solutions for optimised usage of industrial vehicle fleet

Ethernetics makes the internet greener with server monitoring platform

Gilbos makes production of quality carpets easier

Hannecard improves customers' roller operations with roller-as-service offering

Lowist's cloud-based platform enables centralised management of vehicle access systems

Niko's Home Control portfolio optimises use of residential building technology

Pattyn's more effective food packaging solutions

Saving water thanks to Shayp's water management solution

4INCH reduces heating consumption with intelligent thermostatic valve SNUGR

Stûv improves user comfort with smart pellet stove

Better performance and higher productivity to Yamabiko's connected robotic lawnmowers

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Unleash the potential of smart products: physical objects with enhanced capabilities opening up endless possibilities.

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Smart product scenarios

Explore the smart product scenarios and deep dive into the 5 most common scenarios as found in +150 smart products.

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