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Smart Products | Digital platform

With a digital platform products are enabled to exchange information and collaborate within an ecosystem of products. 

Find out how this total customer solution strategy enhances the functionality and interaction of smart products. 
Get inspired by the cases of digital platforms in products that are on the market.


Digital platforms enhance the functionality and interaction of smart products through connectivity and coordination

  • Digital platforms allow to manage and orchestrate connected products in a scalable and configurable way

  • The integration and cooperation of products in a centralized solution improves the operational efficiency

  • It requires software applications to manage the products, connectivity, data, applications, as well as standardized connectivity and security

  • Digital platforms are the backbone of product ecosystems in which products exchange information and work together with other products thanks to connectivity with the platform


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AVR turns potato harvesting into a smart and transparent process

Optimised usage of industrial vehicle fleet with Effitrax

Hannecard improves customers' roller operations

Niko optimises use of residential building technology

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