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Niko's Home Control portfolio optimises use of residential building technology

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As a specialist in home automation systems, lighting control and access control solutions Niko presented its customers with  its Home Control portfolio as a coherent set of products that logically fit together in a single experience. It is a home automation system tailored to the residential market, contributing to more comfortable, safe and energy-conscious way of living.

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Niko is a manufacturer of over 5,000 products and solutions for switches & sockets, access control solutions, lighting control & sensors and home automation systems. These are intended for residential use, retirement homes and professional environments.

Why this product 

The breakthrough of the smartphone meant a signification change in how people connect and interact with devices. Customers expected more capabilities to interact with the devices in their homes and a user-friendly experience. Niko focussed on both the installer and the end-user, to ensure its smart products are both easy to install and simple to use. The result is the Niko Home Control portfolio, meant as a coherent set of products that logically fit together in a single experience.

Value for the customer

Niko Home control is a central control system that monitors and controls energy consumers, lighting, heating, ventilation, shut$ters, sun blinds and other building technology using a touchscreen, tablet or smartphone. 

Thanks to its digital user interface, automation and connectivity with smart home systems Niko home control enables a variety of smart capabilities that contribute to a more comfortable, safe and energy-conscious way of living: automatic adjustment of lighting, automatic heating and ventilation, access control, monitoring of energy consumption…

The value for end users is that this platform enables and simplifies the orchestration of the underlying systems (e.g. less effort, access to more possibilities), reduces risks (e.g. related to human errors) and reduces costs (e.g. through more rational use of home systems and energy). The benefit is not just the economic return but also the simplification and automation of everyday events.

Technology behind the smart product

The solution consists of a set of components that provide energy monitoring at the home and control lighting, heating, cooling, blinds and ventilation. Much of which can be automated through detections with sensors or with routines defined, based on the way of living. Through a mobile app the end-user can always see the current energy use or production at home as well as control different devices. Recently Niko has added more energy optimising functionality. In the solar mode, the energy use can be shifted to the moment energy is produced by solar panels (e.g. by delaying the start of home appliances or charging an e-bike). Similarly, in the peak mode, different devices can be stopped or activated with a delay in order to avoid peaks in the energy consumption.

At the core of the Niko home control system is a central controller. Depending on the wiring of the switches, namely bus wired or wireless, the central controller will be a connected controller with bus wiring or a wireless smart hub respectively. Thanks to a connection with a home network and the internet, the system and all its underlying connected devices can be controlled from any indoor or outdoor place via a smartphone. Both installers and end-users use the same software running on the central controller for configuration and control. Remotely controlling the system through a smartphone requires the installation of the mobile app. 

Capturing revenue

The solution offers Niko the possibility to connect with their customers and gain understanding of how their products are used. This gives the company the capability to design future products with both end-user insights and installer feedback in mind.

Niko is experiencing an increased interest in home automation and growth in their revenue. Whereas previously, the interest was driven from a control perspective (by some considered to be a solution for the tech-savvy) the company now sees a clear interest driven by the use and cost of energy.

Next steps

Today’s market has shifted its focus on energy optimisation and sustainability, both through well thought investments in new building as well as renovation. Niko is committed to support the energy transition in the market while at the same time ensuring that people continue to have the same, or an even higher, level of comfort, safety and control. By interconnecting all devices at a residence, Niko is capable of optimising  with the bigger picture - and not just a single appliance - in mind.

Smart Product Scenarios

To enhance your chances of success and guide your smart product innovation, Sirris offers you practical tools and guidelines. Our Smart Products Inspirator provides you with a framework for identifying valuable smart product ideas based on the 5  most common scenarios and 15 smart product examples illustrating these scenarios. With these carefully analysed scenarios we help you uncover the potential for success . The key scenarios for Niko's Home Control portfolio are: 'Digital user interface' and ‘Digital platform' .

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