Smart product innovation

Smart product innovation

Smart and connected products are paving the way to a digitised future. Ready to get in on the action, but not sure how to go about it? Unlock the potential of digital technology for your products with Sirris by your side. With our experience and smart product development expertise, you take the right steps forward and accelerate your innovation.

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Smart & connected products

Stay relevant

Success today is no guarantee for tomorrow. With a globalised competition, fast product commoditisation and an increasing market demand for new smart and connected solutions, there’s no time for complacency. Our advice: stay relevant by expanding your products with smart capabilities, digital services and data-enabled offerings. The opportunities are yours for the taking.

Creating smart products together

What's your next step?

Telling you to seize opportunities is easy, but we also help in carrying out concrete projects. So, if you lack experience with digital technology and smart product business models, need inspiration to come up with product ideas, require extra expertise, or want hands-on guidance in building a successful solution, you’re more than welcome to knock on our door.

Guidance, concept validation and technological expertise

Benefit from tailor-made, pragmatic and independent advice to keep your smart product development on the right track. 

Guidance: from idea to industrialisation

Sign up for masterclasses and personal coaching on the direction of your smart product development. We help you draft your product roadmap, detect risks and opportunities, build a development plan, and find the right industrial partners.

Validation of smart product concepts

Receive support with conceptual development and concept validation. We help you prove the value and feasibility of your ideas by architecting solutions and by building proof-of-concepts and demonstrators in our labs.

Expertise in key technology domains

We talk software as well as hardware. Domains such as data science, connectivity, cybersecurity, cloud, sensing, and embodiment design are all part of the deal. Our system architects and domain experts make sure you dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Our competences

Smart & digital product management

Devising new smart product concepts that create added value with digital technology.

Cloud & applications

Leveraging cloud, apps and APIs for software applications around your smart product.

Embedded & connected systems

Combining sensing, data processing and connectivity into a feasible embedded system design for your smart product.

Data analytics & AI

Exploiting the data generated in your smart product in the edge and/or cloud by means of advanced data analysis and AI techniques.


Ensuring security of your smart product from design to operation.

Mechanics & embodiment design

Applying mechanical integration and embodiment design to pave the way for the industrialisation of your smart product.

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Get inspired

The world is digitising at an unprecedented pace. Smart products and IoT are becoming more commonplace. And yet many product companies don’t know what tangible opportunities this can bring for them.

Our Sirris Smart Product experts analysed over 150 smart products and what options companies have for innovating their offering and making their products smart. We bundled several solutions and scenario's, so you can find an approach that fits your company.

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Pieter Beyl

Can’t wait to make your products smarter and connected?

Pieter Beyl, our Smart Products Advisor, will gladly discuss the options to put your ideas into practice.

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