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20 February 2023
Olivier Rigo

Do you need to guarantee the quality of your AM process or product? Sirris can help by identifying the variables to be controlled, exploiting data to support traceability and to understand and predict drifts, and support your quality process with our specialised labs.

Additive Manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing, is still on the rise in industry. The technologies simplify the production of complex, material-efficient and lighter parts, optimises flow applications and makes freedom of form possible. At Sirris, we not only bridge the gap between technology and industry and guide you through every step in AM, but we can also help you with the quality of your AM process or product.

Sirris can help you to guarantee the quality of your AM process or product, by:

  • Identifying the variables to be controlled, to guarantee the quality of your product throughout the AM value chain, including heat treatment step.
  • Helping to exploit the available data for the purpose of traceability, understanding drifts and their prediction.
  • Supporting your quality process with our AM oriented laboratories: Materials Characterisation - thermal analysis & powder properties, Heat treatment lab, metrology lab.

Series of 'express webinars'

To get you acquainted with these possibilities, our services and (new) equipment, Sirris organises a new series of short webinars: all you need to do is periodically spend 15 minutes of your time to follow these short webinars focused on the quality Assurance of the AM (additive manufacturing) product and process.

During these short webinar sessions, Sirris offers you a brief introduction, supported by concrete workshop videos, showing examples and case studies, to end with an open questions and answers session with our experts.

The following sessions are planned:

26/01/2023  - Quality for AM: an introduction (ended)

08/02/2023 - How to control a complex AM part in shape and dimensions (ended)

08/03/2023 - How to measure the internal stress in an AM part

29/03/2023  - How to characterize a polymer material

19/04/2023 - How to characterize a powder in order to monitor its condition

17/05/2023 - How to  use data acquired from AM for quality purpose

Interested in the bigger picture? During our masterclass ‘Integrating additive manufacturing in your business’ on 16 March 2023, we offer you a complete overview of the current trends in AM, both in terms of products and techniques. We also give you the keys to understand the different families as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Register now!

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