Additive manufacturing

Is additive manufacturing the right choice for your product?

Julien Magnien

Use our 'AM Decision Tree' to find out!

As a manufacturer you might be interested in switching to additive manufacturing, but you are not sure if this is a good idea. You might be struggling with several practical questions. To bring more clarity, Sirris has made a relatively simple tool: the 'AM Decision Tree'.

You have heard of additive manufacturing and you would like to try it, but you don’t know if it is relevant for your business?
You are hesitant to contact a commercial  because you fear they will just try to sell their specific machines/services, and not enlarging the scope of possibilities to other technologies?
You are looking for an efficient and simple tool to use by yourself at home, at your own speed, to see if some of your parts/products can be made with AM?

Then our 'AM Decision Tree' may bring you the right solution!
How to use this tool? It's easy! Keep the part you consider for AM in mind and start at the top left and read the question: if your answer to the question is 'yes', then follow the green arrow. If it is 'no', then go for the red one. If your answers lead you to the bottom right corner, we will be glad to discuss with you how to get the best out of AM for your specific needs.

Our decision tree gives you a neutral point of view, which means you have total freedom for decision. Thanks to this tool you will see that more often than expected, choosing AM is not the best solution.
Since Sirris stands for much more than just additive manufacturing, even if you end up at the top right corner, we can still guide you to the most appropriate technology, since we have also expertise in injection moulding, machining, heat treatments, …

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