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Enhanced operation and user experience of your product through digital user interfaces

Pieter Beyl

Providing a product with a digital user interface is one of the common smart product strategies that product companies are able to pursue thanks to digital technology. In this blog you will learn about the key drivers and benefits of adding digital user interfaces to your products, illustrated with several product examples of local companies.

Sirris has analysed over 150 smart products and condensed them in a selection of 17 different smart product scenarios. These scenarios differ in their smart capability, business strategy, customer value, business value and key enabling technologies. In this blog series, we guide you through the 5 most common smart product scenarios.


Products can be monitored and controlled remotely

Through a connected digital user interface in a mobile device or computer, data collected from the product can be monitored or the product itself can be controlled remotely. The key enabling technologies are a UI/UX design and secure and dependable connectivity with the product.

Some inspiring examples:

  • The Alberts app lets you create recipes that fit your personal taste and dietary needs. With the app you can tell the blending station exactly what you have in mind and the machine prepares your smoothie, shake of soup on the spot. More about this case
  • Gilbos’s SmarTwist textile machine continuously monitors the processing of yarns and makes its own adjustments to the machine parameters. Thanks to a dedicated digital user interface, operators and plant managers can operate and manage the machine more effectively. More about this case
  • ABN Clean Room Technology shifts to an as-a-service model with smart connected cleanrooms. Thanks to remote monitoring through a cloud-based platform, cleanroom data is continuously collected to manage the performance of  cleanrooms, to extend their life time and maximize uptime. More about this case
  • Lowist's cloud-based solution allows customers to remotely monitor and control retractable bollards and barriers for vehicle access from a single platform. As a result the operational management of vehicle access systems is much more efficient. More about this case
  • Niko's Home Control portfolio stands for a coherent set of home automation products that logically fit together in a single experience. It  contains a central control system that monitors and controls energy consumers, lighting, heating and other building technology using a touchscreen, tablet or smartphone. More about this case
  • 4INCH's SNUGR product range makes it possible to easily reduce heating consumption of large buildings. The system makes use of connected motorized radiator valves and a central software application to allow each room to have the right temperature at the right time. More about this case

Enhanced operation and user experience

A connected digital user interface will highly impact the user experience and how users
effectively operate a product. There is also an effect on the productivity by reducing the effort for monitoring and control, and making product operation more transparent. Remote monitoring can simplify several business processes of the customer related to the product. Reduced transportation costs, thanks to remote operations, can be a major economic benefit.

 Differentiating smart functionality enabling a more direct digital interaction

By adding a differentiating smart functionality to their products, product companies follow a "best product" strategy. It also allows them to set up a more direct digital interaction with the product users. Connectivity is  an enabler for collecting product usage data and building more extensive offerings based on data insights. In quite some products a connected digital user interface, besides being more user friendly, is also a more cost-efficient alternative to integrated displays or button-based interfaces. Once adopted, a digital interface will entice a customer to buy more of the products that it supports and in this way contributes to customer bonding.

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