Quick Response Manufacturing

QRM is a strategy for cutting the lead times of company processes. It entails assessing design, production, administration and delivery and then reorganising the company’s structure and processes with a view to enhancing speed.

While lean manufacturing is most suited to high-volume, repetitive environments, QRM is the answer for environments handling smaller volumes of highly customised products. QRM was specifically developed for companies that work with small product series and market a wide range of product variants. The strategy aims to reduce lead times throughout your company – from ordering and engineering to production and dispatch.

QRM is based on a set of tried-and-tested principles, methods and tools designed to drive down lead times throughout the entire organisation.
Alongside improved lead times, QRM offers a host of other benefits:

  • lower production costs
  • better customer service
  • shorter delivery times
  • higher product quality
  • faster introduction of new products
  • fewer reworks
  • higher turnover thanks to a more competitive market position.

Belgian companies getting started with QRM

More and more Belgian companies are adopting Quick Response Manufacturing. You can read their stories here: 

Sky Man
Potteau Labo
Esco Couplings
M Design Production
Houtbuigerij G. Desmet   

The QRM Institute 

Sirris set up the QRM Institute in 2017. The institute is involved in developing and implementing QRM principles in industry, including at John Deere and a number of its suppliers. The results of these projects were amazing - the lead times could be reduced by an average of 80 percent and the costs were reduced by 25 percent).The QRM Institute is an international network of organisations that work together to spread Quick Response Manufacturing to as many companies and professionals as possible. The QRM Institute organises workshops and conferences, provides training materials and certifications, conducts research and publishes articles. Visit their website for more information.