2023 QRM gold course certificates ceremony at Robland

First generation of QRM Gold participants achieves success

Pascal Pollet

Certificates awarded at Robland

Quick response manufacturing (QRM) enables companies to improve delivery performance and productivity. To support the implementation of this strategy, Sirris launched the advanced QRM Gold training. On 4 October 2023, the QRM Gold certificates were awarded to the first group of participants at Robland, woodworking machine manufacturer.

The QRM Gold training is an in-depth training in QRM implementation, aimed at participants of the QRM Silver training, which provides them with the necessary prior knowledge. During the QRM Gold training, participants learn how to tackle QRM projects and overcome potential implementation obstacles.

The training includes a mix of practical exercises, theoretical deepening and, most importantly, the actual implementation in the participants' own company. To pass the training, participants must demonstrate that the turnaround time in their company has been reduced by 50 per cent. Five trainees achieved great results in their companies by applying QRM, earning their coveted QRM Gold certificate. QRM implementation is still in progress for the remaining participants, so they can receive their Gold certification at a later date.

Inspiring afternoon

The certificates were awarded at Robland, a leading manufacturer of woodworking machinery, in Bruges. Robland designs and manufactures a wide range of woodworking machinery for carpenters and distributes its products worldwide. The afternoon started with a presentation of the company and its QRM implementation, followed by a visit to the various production departments.

Robland also applies the QRM principles with great success. Teams were formed with clear targets on lead time reduction. Component production planning was transformed into dynamic planning, aimed at avoiding component shortages. They also reduced utilisation rates in planning and minimised batch sizes.

Robland also uses 3D printing to produce parts in a real 3D print farm consisting of some 50 low-cost printers. The printed parts used to be mostly metal parts that had to undergo multiple operations. By printing these parts in plastic, many production steps and associated planning and logistics activities were eliminated. 3D printing also drastically reduces batch sizes, saving on inventory and enabling quick implementation of product improvements.

The results of these efforts soon became visible. Delivery time dropped from several months to about two weeks and delivery reliability increased significantly, reaching over 97 percent. At the same time, the stock was greatly reduced. During the tour, we also observed how an entire production hall could be freed up by rearranging production.

Would you also like to delve into QRM and discover what this strategy can mean for your business? Sirris organises the QRM Silver training, for which no prior knowledge is required. This training will enable you to independently initiate a QRM project, go through the analysis phase and support the implementation. The 4-day course starts on 17 November 2023 in Diepenbeek.


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