Smart product exploration

Orientation and decision-making in smart product exploration

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Making a product smart(er) with digital technology opens up many possibilities and at the same time raises many questions: which smart solution do I want to develop? Which technology and expertise do I need for this purpose? What will change in my business model and development? And how can I best handle this whole search?

Sirris and imec have joined forces with the collective project 'Orientation and decision-making in smart product exploration' to support companies that build physical products in the different steps towards a smart(er) product.
We do this by developing methods and tools that help companies in their smart product exploration to achieve a better product concept faster.

Smart product exploration

What tools can you expect?

  • Practically explained scenarios for smart products which were successfully implemented by companies. These scenarios are a guide for determining a product strategy and for the intended smart solution.
  • A structured exploration approach to compare different smart product options in terms of value creation, required resources and risks from a technological and business perspective. The required expertise and partners are also mapped out.
  • An approach to manage risks by demonstrating technological feasibility and market fit with proofs-of-concept.

How can you get started?

  • You can participate in an event or workshop so that you can get to know and apply the tools.
  • If you want to follow the project from the first row and gain experience and knowledge about it together with other companies and the project partners, you can participate in the project support group. ..

Yes, I like to participate

  • Would you like to start up your own exploration or development of a smart product with external guidance?

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For which companies?

The project is aimed at companies that want to bring smart products to the market and companies that provide them with technology, (partial) solutions or services. These product builders can be established companies, start-ups or scale-ups.

What do we mean by a smart product?

A smart product exchanges information with users and products remotely thanks to connectivity. In addition to new functionalities, this offers new business  opportunities to further valorise the data of the product and to build digital services linked to the product. Thanks to the software in and around the product, it can  'smartly' adapt to the user and to the changing context. Digital technology is not an end in itself but a means to deliver added value by providing a concrete  answer to real user needs.

Smart product exploration


‘Orientation and decision-making in smart product exploration' is a COOCK project, supported by Vlaio.




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Mar 2020 - Feb 2023

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