When metal additive manufactruing goes open-source

Julien Magnien
The partners of the FabricAr3v project are organising a half-day workshop focusing on Metal Additive Manufacturing in fab labs and SMEs: Integrating low-cost and open-source technology in industry in the digital era. If you are interested in Metal Additive Manufacturing technology and are looking to install it in your fab lab or SME, then this half-day event, to be held on 24 November, is just for you!

The Interreg FabricAr3v project aims at developing a process to produce metallic parts through additive manufacturing and for which the overall investment is under €30,000, hence offering very small companies, SMEs and fab labs access to this production method.

Moving from rapid prototyping to additive manufacturing requires predicting part defects and acquiring full command of the process to equally predict the mechanical performance of the parts produced. The Interreg project offers a solution to this problem by perfecting a low-cost process, and by developing and validating dedicated deformation simulation tools. The final aim is to render the entire process (machine manufacturing plans, procedures, etc.) open-source, hence accessible to all. 

Why low-cost?

More than just a simple installation, this project will accelerate a cutting-edge technology into the most affordable of production processes. The proposed solution offers the potential to produce metal parts by additive manufacturing, indirectly on a hybrid machine (material extrusion + machining), the cost of which is under €10,000. This not only means significant savings, but also total control of your R&D and your prototypes with no intermediary.

Why open-source?

An open technology that adapts to suit all your needs and those of your sectors of activity (automotive, medical, mechanical engineering, etc.). This offers you both command of your process and optimisation of its implementation. Shared knowledge to serve research, your research.

Half-day workshop

This event will not only offer an opportunity to present the Metal Additive Manufacturing technology developed by the Interreg FabricAr3v project, but also to put you in touch with the partners, among which Sirris, that can help implement the technology in your company.

Would you like to join us in Charleville-Mézières (France) on 24 November? This event is free of charge. You can consult the full programme and other useful information, and register to attend (prior registration is mandatory!) here.


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