Julien Magnien

Engineer Additive Manufacturing
Quality assurance for additive manufacturing
New materials for additive manufacturing

Aided by 13 years’ experience in metrology and 3D part digitization, I guide customers through everything they need to know about additive manufacturing: what are the essentials? How can additive manufacturing help businesses? How to compare it with conventional manufacturing processes? Recently, I also took charge of data harvesting relating to global additive manufacturing process chains. 


  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Metrology
  • Process data harvesting

Work experience

In 2021, I used both software and YouTube tutorials to set up an internal digital tool that would be able to efficiently gather, store and sort data about our process chains – from the first raw material to the final product. Additionally, I helped optimize heat treatment to preserve part accuracy, using metrology and internal stress measurement. Furthermore, I co-organized a successful additive manufacturing masterclass.


  • Master in Electromechanical Engineering – University of Liège – 2010

Professional motto

"Time is precious, let’s go efficiently."

Fun fact

Speak with words generating explosive images in the mind.

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