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01 October 2019
Peter ten Haaf




Every manufacturing process starts with collecting the right components for the job. Vanas Engineering has joined our 4.0 Made Real by Sirris initiative as technology partner. Its expertise and smart storage solutions will be at the start of our watch production guaranteeing each client gets his or her personalised watch.


Vanas Engineering is a specialist in intralogistic solutions and Warehouse Management Software (WMS). The company supplies intralogistics solutions to a wide array of industries such as aerospace, automotive, maintenance, industrial manufacturing and also the medical sector. Vanas Engineering can take care of the routine of your products within your warehouse or workshop. It can coordinate the various order picking systems and offer storage solutions. The vending solution as installed at Sirris, is designed and built using leading-edge technologies and infrastructure providing flexible, cost-saving solutions and optimising the supplychain adding to the Industry 4.0 philosophy. Its vending units are configurable, providing many different size drawers and compartments. Rapid search and selection of items via the powerful software makes the system easy to use and is further enhanced with a complete LED identification system which guides users directly to the drawer containing their items.


Vanas Engineering

The 4.0 Made Real Pilot Factory will focus on personalised products in small series, or even lot size 1. In this situation a flawless integration and communication between the warehouse management software and the ERP will be critical. Furthermore, picking and kitting becomes more complex, so to avoid costly mistakes a failsafe solution is required. Vanas Engineering will add all this to the demonstrator.  

We are happy that Vanas Engineering has selected as one of its technology partners the Sirris '4.0 Made Real' initiative to demonstrate its smart storage solutions. 



This article is part of our ‘4.0 made real by Sirris’ campaign, illustrating the feasibility of 4.0 technology in industry. Want to know more? Visit our 4.0 Made Real page or LinkedIn page!


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