4.0 Made Real

4.0 Made Real

What does Industry 4.0 mean for your company concretely? Digital manufacturing makes your production line faster, more flexible and more efficient. By chosing and implementing the right technologies in your industrial applications more 4.0 innovation possibilities appear, with 3D printing/additive manufacturing, automations (cobots), ... This way manufacturing companies are able to respond to the main trends, such as advanced customisation and mass customisation.

Having insight and on-hands knowledge is crucial to make your 4.0 transition successful. That is why Sirris is building a realistic industrial environment, where business managers can safely set up and test their own "Factory of the Future", together with our R&D specialists.

Our doors are open "4.0 Made Real by Sirris" pilot factory 

We share our learnings, insights and our tips and tricks. Experience the innovation and technologies our 4.0 Made Real high-tech infrastructure has in store for you:
4.0 Made Real, from concept to realisation! 

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We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you. Do you already have plans yourself or do you have a specific question? Feel free to talk with one of our many Sirris experts.

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