COOCK-project COBOFIN schuren en ontbramen

Successful closing event of ‘COBOFIN’ project

Jan Kempeneers
Peter Paulissen

Promising future for cobotised sanding, deburring and polishing

The COOCK project ‘COBOFIN’, aimed at accelerating the introduction of automated sanding, deburring and polishing with a cobot, came to a successful conclusion. This article offers a short review of the closing event and a look ahead.

On 26 June 2023, the closing event of the COOCK project ‘COBOFIN’, which focused on cobotised sanding, deburring and polishing, took place. The meeting once again brought together the steering group, experts and interested parties in the Sirris labs  in Diepenbeek.

The afternoon started with a reception moment and standing buffet, where those present had the opportunity to meet informally to discuss ideas and achievements.

The twice-yearly meeting with the steering group was central to the event. In addition to a final update, in which the project partners discussed the progress and the results of the COBOFIN project, there was also a look back at the highlights of the project. Thanks to the valuable input and involvement of the steering group, important steps could be taken in cobotised sanding and deburring.

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of the demonstrators. These demonstrations showed the possibilities - and some innovative applications - in post-processing cast iron and aluminium castings. The attendees had the opportunity to see the cobots in action and to evaluate the results on the castings.

The afternoon ended with a snack and a drink, where the attendees could chat, exchange experiences and make contacts.

Further development

The closing event of the COOCK-COBOFIN project marked the end of an intensive period of collaboration and innovation. The results and insights gained during this project form a solid basis for further development and implementation of cobotised sanding, deburring and polishing, and will undoubtedly contribute to further growth and progress within the manufacturing sector.

The end of the project, however, does not have to mean the end of a valuable collaboration because Sirris looks forward to continuing the collaboration with the participants, partners and sponsors who have contributed to the success of the project, in order to take on new challenges together.

For more information about COBOFIN and the results, please visit the webpage of this COOCK project.

This event took place within the framework of Coock-COBOFIN and was organised with the support of VLAIO (Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship).


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